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I had used the services of Royal Packers to ship my 11 nos. boxes containing household items from my residence in Powai, India to Cary, USA on 15/10/2009.
On visiting my house on September 29, 2009, their representative estimated my goods to be not more than 100-150 Kgs and gave me a quotation (enclosed) of Rs. 290 /Kg + Rs. 1750 for the duty which included packing, shipping and insurance. I decided to avail their service based on this estimate thinking that my cost will not be more than Rs. 50, 000 which would have been reasonable.

However, when the packers started packing and weighing, the weight was going over 350 Kgs which was way more than their estimate. As it was proving to be way more expensive than what they had told me I had no choice but to leave behind and discard at least 100 kgs of my belongings. I finally paid Royal Packers a sum of Rs. 76, 000/- for 256 Kgs including Rs. 1750.00 for the duty.

During my initial calls to Mr. Hussain, he had informed that my boxes would reach me within 3-4 days as they use air cargo. However, contrary to their promise I received my boxes in two installments. I received 5 boxes on Oct 30, 2009 and remaining 6 on Nov 3, 2009.

One of the boxes contained my Harmon Kardon Amplifier and Sony CD player worth $400, both of which I received damaged and unusable. Please note, though I had given the modules separate in their original packing but the packers decided not to use my packing and instead put both the modules in one box on top of each other and covered it only with a thin bubble wrap. As you can understand that this is not the proper packing for electronic items, both my systems got damaged. Some of my other items like crockery, glassware etc. were also received damaged because of the poor packing.

I called Mr. Hussain on Oct 30th and he advised me not to accept the damaged package from the UPS as they can claim from the insurance. Although, I knew it very well that UPS/Insurance will not cover this as the breakage was due to poor packing but I returned the package to UPS as advised by Mr. Hussain. UPS returned the package to the USA counterpart Global Transol and that is the last that I have heard about my package. When I called Global Transol, they informed me that they had received the box but there was no insurance taken by Royal Packers on my boxes, hence I cannot make any claim. Also, there is a block on Royal Packer’s (or their partner company in india) account as they have not made the payment so Global Transol refuses to release my box. Hence I have lost my music system and have not received any claim.

Please keep away from these cheats.

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