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Royal Indian Raj / RG Villas - helpless situation

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I have also invested lot of money in Royal Gardens project for last 2 years with absolutely no returns. Its been more than a year since I have requested the refund but no luck. I have hardly been able to get in touch with them but whenever i did, I had to listen to their ever growing lame excuses. I have talked to many people in their canada office.

I am sure there are lot of people in the same boat. Why is it that we are not able to do anything to get our hard earned money back except hope that they refund one day or just wait for them to run away with our money. I feel helpless and surprised that I cannot do anything.

I don't have much knowledge or time to take this matter legally and personally I think that it will take forever before matters get settled through legal route. But how about media? there's got be ways to get some help and put a closure to this fraud and help everything get their money back.

I have been reading articles about RG villas and their fraud scheme for last 2 years on a regular basis. I only wish I had similar research before investing the funds.

I am not sure if everyone is as puzzled like me, but would imagine some of you have taken certain extreme steps (not like me just hoping and hoping) to tackle this fraud situation and deal with liars like Manoj Benjamin and his brother Ravi Benjamin.

Just wanted to get the ball rolling and see what we can do together...

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  • Th
      14th of Aug, 2009
    +7 Votes

    Well I am sorry you lost your money... and trust me I wouldn't hold your breath to get it back. But my question to you would be WHY in earth would yo invest in a company that boosted building a 10 billion dollar project in 1999 and at the time of your investment had accomplished nothing !!! Wouldn't you wonder ??Did you do NO resarch ?? What did they promise you ... great returns on your investment ??
    Sometimes greed overpowers logical thought ... lesson to be learnt here... don't get me wrong I still hope Raj gets what they deserve !!!

  • Du
      13th of Nov, 2009
    Best Best Advice +7 Votes

    Royal Indian Raj Investments Going Nowhere -- that much is for certain. Great advice in your User Name "Think". Yes due diligence is the key to dealing with investments. 10 years ago the internet isn't what it is today but even so Google cannot be relied on to tell the full story. A search in the court systems in the jurisdiction of all listed offices of the companies and the local residential jurisdictions of the corporate principles is also a must. As it turns out Royal Indian Raj and its principals had set up numerous companies. While a few child companies are the norm, RIRIC and Manoj Benjamin went overboard in setting up companies with which to weave a tangled web. A search through the civil courts also shows court records on Manoj Benjamin and numerous records indicating that trade-workers for Collins Benjamin and previous companies had many legal complaints to do with the Benjamins selfish business style. Following the example of Collins, Manoj Benjamin and RIRIC have likewise failed to make good on accounts payable -- the very reason they were kicked out of Suite 610 375 Water Street Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 5C6 in the summer of 2009, despite continuing to use that address after being removed from the premises.

  • El
      16th of Oct, 2010
    +4 Votes

    Its just a matter of time before Manoj Benjamin, Collins Benjamin, Ravi Benjamin, Maya Benjamin, Anjula Benjamin and Sherri Vaters are brought to justice. The Bangalore India police seem to be taking the matter quite seriously with the arrest of Collins Benjamin for Cheating and Breach of trust in the "sale" of luxury villas in Bangalore India. Any complaints or evidence would be useful in their prosecution Collins Benjamin. The charges brought against Collins Benjamin also implicate his sons, who are Manoj Benjamin and Ravi Benjamin.

    You can choose to sit by and hope that they are brought to justice or you can act and ensure that justice is served against the Benjamin family.

    "All that is needed in this world for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing."

  • Un
      23rd of Oct, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Collins Benjamin pictured above.

  • Kr
      20th of Nov, 2010
    +2 Votes

    indeed good men must come into action to stop force of evil benjamins.police in india and united states authorities have power to supress but persons must speak in confidence with such authorities and bring supportive documents to their complaints.civil lawsuits are good yet only criminal charges will serve ultimate justice.

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