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On the first day of my vacation my boyfriend and I were offered a tour of the Royal Elite area of Sandos Caracol that in fact was a 3 hours long time share presentation. According to the sales person it wasn't timeshare but a membersip that would give us the all-inclusive fee is per couple, but in reality it is per person per night. We were promissed that membership is easy to re-sell or cancel with no obligations. Salesperson was telling us that we can trade our weeks to RCI points, and use the points to pay for 100% of an airline ticket, when in reality RCI only allows for clients to use points for 33% of the cost of the ticket.

Sales person did not mention the 5 days cancellation. I missed a few important parts because of the small print and not having my reading glasses with me.I was busy enjoying my vacation and checked the contract after I came back from to Canada. That is when I found out about the 5 days period. I was trying to contact Royal Elite but couldn't get anyone on the phone. On January 2nd I contacted PROFECO representative by phone and asked for advice. I have been told to send cancellation request letter by registered mail and I did that on January 2, 2015. I have been told to wait for 2 weeks for Royal Elite response. I also sent an email and I asked to cancel my contract. I was sending emails every day and finally got reply from Adrian Venter 6 days later. They refused to cancel it and are trying to force me to pay threatening to send my contract to a collection agency. Sales representative who sold me this contract reassured me on the phone that contract could be cancelled but I will lose my down payment of 5, 852 usd because I did not cancel in within 5 days. She told me that she emailed her director who also promissed to help me but I think she is just wasting my time. Customer Service representative is refusing to cancel, offering me small discount and keep threatening me to "send the contract to the legal department and to collection or the credit buro" as per his email. He is saying that would like to solve this issue within 30 days. "we have 30 days to have some kind of arrangement with the members" he says in his email but his only proposal is for me to pay a full price.

Jan 19, 2015

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