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I don't make mistakes twice. I learned my lesson before when I was told after getting 'free' trip and a bunch of other ones (for $300). Months after that, these guys called me saying that I had a remaining balance for my trips. Crap. So I paid around $1000 for doing absolutely nothing. Fine, I paid that off and eradicated it from my mind.

Today (Sept 14, 2010 @ 7:22PST), a customer service rep called me, who name himself Anderson Mobli (he was VERY reluctant in giving me his name and when I asked what he name was he initially said "this is the Carribean Cruise Line." I get it, ###. I said, "What is YOUR name, not the name of the company!")

He proceeded to inform me that my account was expired and the activity of paying back in November 2007 still had a balance on it for the OTHER ticket. WHAT THE HELL OTHER TICKET ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I paid for me, myself, and I and there is no way I am paying anything else for doing absolutely nothing. He said, "You aren't interested in paying this balance?" and I began getting irritated. "I have no intention on paying your scam company anything, for doing nothing. There is nothing left on this account and I am NOT interested in anything from your company." He, of course, was wondering why I was raising my voice, but these sales people know that you won't back down. I then told Anderson Mobli that if I was to see any charges on my account, I would proceed to go after this company and spread the word about the ridiculous terms of their scandalous trips as well as their faulty, dishonest and despicable customer service.

If you ever hear from these people, just say you are not interested. No stupid, disease-ridden cruise trip or overpriced travel will ever be worth your piece of mind.

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  • Ha
      Sep 20, 2010

    Royal Caribbean cruise line and Caribbean cruise line are
    not the same company, Caribbean cruise line is the one that
    gives away scam free cruises, and continuosly calls on the
    phone. a travel agent

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  • Ei
      Jan 06, 2013
    Royal Carribean Cruise Line - Suite location on boat
    Royal carribean lines
    United States

    Bought expensive suite loft #1736 on allure of the seas location above tennis courts & basketball courts had noise all day from 6am till 2am could not sleep or open sliding door wall made complaint to management on board but complaint not reported to main office in Miami the president mr Goldstein refused to give a partial refund only
    Coupon for another cruise I am not able to cruise due to illness the loft suites on the allure & oasis at the back of these boats should be avoided due to a design flaw
    Too expensive & too noisy!!

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