Royal Administration / Non-payment of Extended Warranty

Hanover, MA, United States
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I purchased a 1700 extended warranty from what was three years ago People's Auto Insurance, and is not Royal Insurance Group. Not only do very few mechanics accept this type of insurance, but when I found one that did they refused to pay out.
I have a late 90s Ford Mustang, and when my car went into the shop the mechanic told me I needed a horn, instrument cluster, timing chain, gasket covers, a power steering pump and a new rack and pinion. Since the entire instrument cluster, including the odometer, horn, heat gauge, and battery gauge, is damaged, they not only refused to pay for the repairs, they also dropped my policy. Since the instrument cluster was broken, which includes the odometer, horn, battery gauge and oil gauge, they denied the claim because of the broken odometer. The car is a summer car, and my auto insurance only covers 3, 000 miles a year, a number I am far under. However, the damage to the instrument cluster, including the horn and odometer as well as the damage to gaskets and power steering pump was probably missed the first time by my mechanic during his original repairs. The mechanic showed the adjuster that the entire instrument cluster failed, not only the odometer. The insurance company is arguing that I have been driving around in a car with no horn or gauges since my last visit to the garage, which would be absolutely foolish and dangerous to do. They claimed they would send me a letter discussing returning a pro-rated amount of funds corresponding to how much was left on my insurance.There are many loopholes in this policy.

Mar 11, 2013

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