Roy Rodgers #1099002 / Medical Negligence

1 Chatham, VA, United States

Roy Rodgers #1099002 is housed at Green Rock Correctional Facility and is filing this complaint in an attempt to receive proper medical attention. Mr. Rodgers has been suffering from a condition known as Plantar Fascitis which is an inflammation of the nerves and tendons in his feet which causes severe pain, swelling, and burning. Roy Rodgers has been denied proper medical treatment. He has followed the facility's procedure to submit medical request forms to see the doctor, once this is completed it has taken up to 3 weeks for him to see a doctor. It has been documented that Mr. Rodgers was supposed to receive gel insoles that would relieve some of the pressure on his feet. Mr. Rodgers describes the pain as if someone is holding a lighter to his feet which causes them to swell and burn and he is not capable of supporting his weight due to his condition. His family has contacted the medical staff in an attempt for him to receive medical attention and they have been told that feet are not a medical emergency and he needs to submit a request form to see the doctor. The gel insoles have been on order since October and as of 3/16/13 he has yet to receive them. This condition due to Mr. Rodgers not receiving medical has become chronic. Mr. Rodgers once called to medical will get money deducted from his commissary account but still not receive the insoles or medications to treat his condition. This compliant is not out of vengence or to slander the facility; it is a request to have something done so that Mr. Rodgers does not have to suffer in pain daily. He has been suffering since October when will he receive medical attention? He and his family have followed procedures and now just want him to get help. Mr. Rodgers's family has offered and stated that they would be willing to pay out of their own pockets for the insoles or special footwear to help alleviate the pain but his request has been denied and he has been denied outside medical attention as well. Mr. Rodgers has also signed medical release forms so that his family can have access to his medical files so that they can possibly pursue other avenues to get him the medical attention that he needs to relieve his chronic pain. Mr. Rodgers and his family have contacted various prison officials such as correctional officers, watch commanders, and the Assistant Warden and the medical staff has still denied him medical attention.

Mar 16, 2013

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