Roy Buras / Not paying subs

1 Kenner, LA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 504-201-1639

Olympic construction is in violation for not paying sub, and also kick off of Hano, paincourtvill fire station, hano in homa, and using there Antony as leverage against the subs witch is a 49% share holder. Now the state needs to step up to the plate and do there job for and open investigation, And the Atoney General need to pick on the people that are really breaking the law like Olympic. The bonding co is gray insurance and they taking over 3 ot the 5 jobs that they have. Sate lic board needs to do there job. I WIILL BE WATCHING WHAT HAPPENS. Can't down load story, But look on nola .com by katy reck dahi in times picayune date 3/19/12 Also he was in front of the state lic board a few months ago for shorty work on raising homes.

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