Round Canopy Parachuting Team-USAups inappropriately referred me to purchase a carnet for a 1-way shipment

Here are some numbers related to this shipment:
1. Shipment Nbr: 527076868T, Dated 08 May 2015
2. INVOICE NUMBER: [protected]
3. Payer: Round Canopy Parachuting Team
4. Payer Acct: T08140374
5. Amount Due and Paid:
6. Broker Notified: 18 May 2015
7. Delivery Date: 21 May 2015

Almost two years ago I asked UPS to ship some of my parachuting team's WWll style personal equipment, (PE) 1-way to Normandy, France where the equipment would be received by someone (owners.) This was a first-
time experience for us shipping oversea via airmail. Through it all, I did as the UPS staff directed.

After several puzzling days of phone tag and frustrating delays, the deal was at length concluded with the equipment actually promised to arrive Carentan, France on 21 May 2015. Never happened. After 4 more days of frustrating delays of waiting in Caratan, the team Polyglot found the equipment in Paris, not Carentan. It's delivery date to Carentan was after the D-day celebration. So, the polyglot and I made an all day trip to Paris and fetched our equipment. These shipping delays in the US and the ETO literally stole everyday of practice and shortened our planned performances.

After making several jumps during the D-day celebration of our WWll Veterans, we all eventually returned home as planned, bringing with us, as planned, our PE which UPS had shipped to us.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Myersville, MDFrom this scenario, it's quite obvious that purchasing a Carnet for a one-way shipment was contraindicated. One (routine or check list) question could have made that clear and would have elicited a "no sale" response from me supported by my one-way intent for this PE. In his process however, the UPS agent recommended a Carnet. When I told him I didn't know that word or what it meant, he absolutely told me that it was "a sort (kind of) insurance" required for that sized oversea shipments. No surprise that it also came with an add on cost.
Now I'm embroiled with French Customs, USCIB, UPS and maybe Carnet Express too.
All this unhappiness, not of the customer's making, resulted from one unintended mistake by the UPS Staffer. Seems that giant outfits such as UPS, Carnet Express, French Customs and USCIB, who are set to loose nothing, (I paid plenty to the first two, ) all know very well that I'm being persecuted for another's mistake and slated to borrow and repay $4, 800 plus interest, just to satisfy an imaginary injury to the French.
It's business reasonable to expect either of these giant outfits to rectify the mistaken carnet sale. UPS can clear their agent's mistake which will allow the French Customs to cease seeking to punish me and fine me for something I would not and did not cause.
UPS line staffers cannot solve this. Someone at the corporate, COO level needs to extricate me from further torment by this Carnet "Tar Baby."
John Wingate

Apr 28, 2017

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