Rotita.comrotita is a bait and switch company do not buy from them

I purchased six dresses from Rotita and they didn't send me the items I ordered and none of the clothes were in my size. One of the items even has a cut in the sleeve. It was as if they randomly picked whatever they wanted because they knew they were going to swindle me out of my money. They claim to have a 60% refund policy on all returns and the merchandise has to be returned to China at the customer’s expense. They asked me for pictures of the clothes they sent me, copies of the packing slip and the tracking number. I would send it and then they would ask for the same thing over again. I have attached pictures of what I ordered and what they sent me. Their mission is to cheat customers out of money. I have asked Paypal to intervene. DO NOT BUY FROM ROTITA.

Feb 06, 2017

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