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I have Managed High end Clothing for Yrs. on Las Vegas Blvd. and I am appalled by the service most of the staff gives each and every time I have shopped at this Location. I Love Ross best cutest brands around for affordable prices love the selection all stores carry. I will not be back to this location EVER AGAIN. This was my last try with this location, first of all the entire staff is in huge hurry to close early lock up doors make announcements 1 hr. before closing then "not kidding" about 10 to 20 more to follow that closing and let you know they want to leave asap. They go outta there way to make every minute of last hour in this store as uncomfortable as possible to shop and they giggle and make comments about shoppers. I actually hated the last 4 times I was there I'm a local here in Vegas for 20 plus yrs. I shop and purchase at your stores 2 to 3 times a week spending around a Hundred to Three Hundred each trip.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Las Vegas, NV This last time which was this Evening I felt my life could have been subjected to danger by forcing me to exit location onto main strip when my car was parked around far side back building right by doors. The mean and ruthless girl working front jewelry counter was beyond unpleasant AGAIN even though I told her I was parked in back said nope doors locked sorry gotta walk around and then said ohh well with a smug look on her face when I told her that I've always been allowed thru the other entrance no questions asked as well as it was 5 min still before closing hours. when I dredged all my bags around the other way she forced me out of which isn't the safest area at 1am on Las Vegas Strip. By time I got to where my car was parked the doors I go out of usually where not closed locked as well as they let out another employee and customer of. I feel I was beyond treated poorly and would like to see someone repremeded or worse for the behavior and early closing that goes on at that store. I will Never shop that location again. I'm a late person and enjoyed the later hour option to finish up my shopping.

Nov 30, 2018

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