Ross - Ventura CAFollowed By Security Team

am typically a person who doesn’t complain. However, I am very upset and thought over time I wouldn't feel so mad but I need to express it to your customer service because my feelings are not dying down. Last Friday, January 9th it was my birthday and I enjoyed a day off out shopping. I was having the best day until I got to your store.

I wasn't dressed in a nice suit or dress since it was my day off. However, anyone who knows clothing and looks at what I am wearing knows that I pay alot of money for my clothes as well as my special Michael Kors purse. I am by no means a sloppy dressed person.

The minute I walked into the store the man at the front looked at me and said something into his security piece. From that moment on I was followed all around the store by security FOR WHAT??? I had one girl follow me to the underwear section and I can hear what she is whispering "she's in the green top going around the corner...Oh wait" I came back around the corner and just looked at her. I was about to start a commotion in the store over this. The man kept coming down all the aisles I was “trying” to shop in while talking on his secret security microphone. I had my arms full of clothing to try on and finally just threw it all down and walked out of the store. This “team” of security followed me for about 30 minutes before I got so upset and fed up that I left.

I have never been so insulted while trying to spend money. What is really upsetting to me is that I used to shop weekly at Ross. We just moved from Orange County up to the Ventura area and this is the closest Ross. At this point, I am scared to even walk into that location as I may be handcuffed or embarrassed again.

What a waste of my day off – being obviously followed around a store while other shoppers watch them.

Jan 14, 2015

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