Rosharon Post Office / unethical behaviour

1 Rosharon, TexasR, United States

I had a package that was showed to have been delivered to my address on [protected]. However, I still have never received it. The company I ordered from contacted the Rosharon Post Office9-21-2017 and spoke to Jennifer who advised them the computers were not working and unable to give any information. The company then called back the next day [protected] and was advised my package was delivered to my NBU box in Sunset Colony (I live in Southern Colony). I contacted the Rosharon Post office my self today 9-26-17 and spoke to Jennifer who was very unhelpful and passed me on to the manager. The manager automatically got on the phone with a hateful and rude attitude asking me what I needed. I explained to the manager I never received the package and her only response was it was delivered to my NBU box. I still have not received this package - tracking number 9400110200864645097442. My complaint is mainly with the way the manager handled my situation with her behavior of not caring to resolve my issue.

Sep 26, 2017

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