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On March 29, I purchased two bras. On March 30, I went to the store to return them. I bought the size I usually buy. I tried on one bra and could see immediately the size was wrong. When I asked to return the bras, I was told they were nonreturnable. I asked if that fact was displayed. I got not answer. I was told "most places will not let you return personal items". I asked if there was a designated place to try on the bras and again I received no answer.
I asked to just replace the items with something else and I was refused.
The clerk asked me to sign some papers and I refused. She asked my name and I refused. She told me she did not like my attitude. I told her she had just lost a good customer. I asked for her name and she proudly showed my her "Roses" button which did not have her nam e printed on it. She told me she did not like my attitude. I took my items back and walked out the door. I did return to retrieve my receipt. She wanted to write on the receipt and I refused. There were three other employees standing there. One young gentleman said he was sorry. He is the man that a few days earlier informed me that the tent I was purchasing was not returnable because so many people had returned them. He checked out the tent thoroughly and signed the ticket. Knowing that it was nonreturnable, I bought the $50 tent. This clerk was rude. When she refused to give me her name, I told her I would just say "the short dumpy" one. I'm sorry but I think this matter could have been handled more diplomatically. If I was not told it was nonrefundable and it it was not on display and it there was no where for try on the items, I think I should have been able to return the items. We are only talking about $10 but the matter was handled in a very poor manner. I have no intention of buying in this store again even though
Winnsboro, SC needs this business.
My name is Bonnie S Myers. My address is 67 Arroowwood Dr., Winnsboro, SC. My phone is [protected].

Mar 30, 2017

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