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Rosa's Home Store - Buffalo, NY / Lack of service

1 United States

On Friday August 24 at approximately 3:30 pm, I stopped into the store located in the McKinley Mall area. I was looking for living room furniture for a house I just purchased. During the first 15 minutes I was in the store, more than 3 associates passed me without greeting me or offering to help me - the only way I was able to get any help was by walking through the entire store to the area near the service desk where most of the associates had congregated. When I was finally approached by an associate, the experience was very negative. He introduced himself as Noah and asked what I was looking for - when I explained that I needed living room furniture and that I had already picked out the set I wanted, he just stared at me blankly and did not respond. I started to walk toward the front of the store where the furniture was located and expected him to be following me - but when I turned around about half way through the store, I noticed that he had not moved from the back of the store. I walked over to the furniture and stood near it for 5 minutes while Noah continued to watch from the back of the store - he never made any attempt to come over to where I was standing or try to help. After waiting for 5 minutes more, I started to walk toward the door and noticed he was still watching, not making any attempt to ask me if I needed anything. I ended up leaving the store that day without ordering the furniture although I had every intention of buying it that day when I got to the store and also made this intention clear to Noah when I spoke him. I decided that I would order the furniture online because I loved the furniture but the customer service was so terrible in the store that I will never return to that location. I think that Noah was an awful sales person and was not helpful at all - he completely turned me off from your stores and my business in the future will be limited at best. As I left the store I noticed a couple leaving at the same time discussing the fact that they were not helped by anyone and they could not believe that a company would treat customers this way. I am very disappointed in the lack of service I received at the McKinley Mall store and would expect more from such a reputable local company.

As an addendum to this story, when the customer service representative, Mike called to verify the delivery he informed me that the credit card still needed to be run through and processed. He called back a few minutes later and told me the card was rejected and inferred that maybe I did not have enough in my bank account to run the charge on my debit card. I called the bank because I was spending $1200 on the furniture but had over $7000 in my checking account - I found out he was entering the wrong expiration date, which was causing the rejection. When I called back to explain this to Mike, he said it couldn't be the issue but agreed to re-run the card, which went through right away. It took over one full week from the time I ordered the furniture for Rosa's to contact me regarding delivery or to run my card for payment, but all advertising for the stores and website guarantees same day processing and delivery.


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