My husband & I purchased a mattress and box springs plus a bed at Rooms Today (Owned by Mathis Brothers) 12/20/2008. In walking through the bedding gallery while waiting for the cashier to get our ticket ready, I spotted a Lady Americana nock-off set of the Temperpedic bedding. The price on the tag was $899 for a Queen size and the salesman showed us that the bed was adjustable and said it was priced this low due to the fact that it was the last one in stock and the new models were coming in. He said the queen size was $899 or we could buy a twin size for $799 and that it was an EXCEPTIONAL deal. Just so happens that one of our good friends had back surgery (4-vertibrates repaired) the week before and was in severe pain trying to sleep on his old mattress. I called him but he was asleep and didn't answer. My husband & I picked up the items we had purchased and my husband drove 20 miles to our friend's house to check on him and tell him about this "exceptional deal". Our friend said he wanted to buy it immediately. I called the salesman to tell him to call our friend immediately for his credit card number and my husband was going to drive back to Tulsa to pick up the queen size bed. The salesman was very happy to get everything ready for my husband to pick up. THEN, 5 minutes later, the salesman called me back and said there had been a mistake. The "adjustable foundation only" was $899 and the mattress was another $800+. I told him to call my husband who was unloading our purchases at our friend's house to have room on the trailer to come back and get this bed and tell him about the mistake. So - he did. Needless to say, no special discounts, no other offers, nothing but "I'm sorry" was said - just "sorry, we can't sell it to you for what the ticket was marked". It was too late by this point to return everything we had purchased today - BUT, believe me, everything is going back tomorrow morning for a full refund and we are going to the only other store in Tulsa that I know of that isn't owned by the Mathis Brothers and purchase different items. This purchase is a Christmas present for our grand-daughter. I just got off of the phone with the store manager at Snow's - Barry - and he says they have a lot of people that come in with complaints about Mathis Brothers. I could also tell anyone reading this quickly that another couple that are friends of ours purchased a bedroom suite for a little over $6, 000 at Mathis Brothers two years ago and they delivered broken pieces FOUR different times over a period of six weeks before our friends told them to take everything back and give them a refund. They would not give them a refund since they had had one of the pieces for the full six weeks - a dresser (the only piece that wasn't broken in the initial delivery) but would give them a store credit towards a "different" bedroom suite. They had to go back to this store that they now hated and go up in price from just over $6000 to over $8000 to get a bedroom suite that was not cracked, split or broken upon delivery. Since then, they have had more problems with this bedroom suite splitting on the 4-poster bed posts, hinges breaking, etc., but Mathis Brothers will not do anything to help. I'M DONE WITH MATHIS BROTHERS AND ALL OF THEIR STORES. Since they own most every furniture store in Tulsa, it's very difficult to buy furniture here. In the last 2 months, my husband and I have purchased new living room furniture and dining room furniture from the AMISH Furniture store in Chouteau which is very expensive but they are the most caring, careful bunch of people that I have ever worked with and their furniture IS EXCEPTIONAL and if it hadn't been for the fact that they don't sell mattress sets, I would have made this purchase there too. What Rooms Today did to us today was very typical of the old "bait and switch" game. BEWARE MATHIS BROTHER'S OWNED STORES!!


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