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An Jun 9, 2015
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I bought a sofa and mattress set in October 2014. Not until today, when I looked at the folder containing the receipt did I see that I was charged $59.99 to "protect" a leather sofa. I never agreed to this, never authorized it, was never asked about it. Did I miss it when I signed their ridiculously small screen? Yes, shame on me. Shame on them for ripping me off. I suspect this was retaliation for my refusal to buy their overpriced mattress cover. Their "selling" of the mattress cover bordered on harassment, as the person who was with me will gladly attest. I was willing to over look that but not the sneaky add- on of that leather treatment. I know that I will have no recourse against them BUT I will do everything I can to spread the word about this store. It will end up costing them a lot more than the $59.99 they took me for.

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