Rooms Made Easy / HORRIBLE

1 FL, United States

I really wish I would have read the complaints on this place before I ordered my furniture. We went in and I should have noticed the red flag... The owner helped us look through some books to find what we needed. We wanted an entire bedroom suit and a new couch. We put it on layaway since we knew we were going to be paying it off soon. We asked for a military discount since she said she offered it. When we were writing the paperwork up she said she wasn't going to give it to us because she was throwing the shipping in for free. She said that if we called her a week in advance before payment she would order our furniture. I called her at 1:00 in the afternoon and her employees said she would be in at 2:30 and to call her back. When I called at 2:30 they told me she left at one. So of course I called them out. But willing to give her a second chance. I tried again the next day and they told me she went home sick. After being frustrated I decided to call back the next morning and yet again she wasn't there. That afternoon I went in to tell them to kiss it and she wasn't there. One of her employees called her at home to tell her that we wanted our money back. She then told him she had ordered ALL the furniture already. The next day she called me and told me that she had been sick for four days and hadn't been into work at all. But that our furniture would be in that Friday... This was a saturday. Three weeks later and our furniture is still not in. "the truck hasn't arrived with it" and yet again she isn't at the store. I recommend never stepping foot in this store for anyone because you will get lied to and screwed. We are currently waiting until she decides to show up to her business and call us back. She is in for a surprise when we take our business elsewhere.

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