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Contact information:
New York, New York
United States
We rented a NY apartment using the Roomorama website and a manager named "Mona" under the internet name Sandsmona. We wrote this letter to the company:

We were so dissatisfied with our stay that we are requesting a partial refund...none of the promises regarding the apartment were kept...
We did not stay in the "Amanda" apartment, as originally booked. We were asked, by Mona, to move a couple of days before our trip...we had no problem with the new location (2166 Broadway, apt 19D) or the apartment
space itself...
However, Mona, the host, was very difficult to reach and knew very little about the apartment we were staying in...simple communication and returned
calls could have prevented most of our frustrations.
Wireless internet was promised, but was not available (and was a very important part of our stay). She left a message telling us to "just plug it in". We looked for an Ethernet cable (which is NOT wireless, but would have helped, but there was no cable or outlet for intenet access to be found). A
neighbor in the building finally told us she had no internet in that apartment. It cost us $200 in roaming and internet fees on the ship to "catch up". We would like a refund...
The A/C in the apartment did not work, and it was 98 degrees the week of our stay...the last night, the doorman felt sorry for the 2 60+ ladies with us, and put a small window unit in one of the bedrooms. (Thank you, sir...) If
it was this easy to fix this part of the problem, why didn't Mona do it the first night?
No instructions were left regarding the pay per use washer and dryer card (another important part of our stay, as we were leaving NY for an extended cruise from the New Jersey port). This lack of a washer dryer was aggravated
when the toilet began leaking the second night and flooded the entire bathroom and nearby closet...wetting many of our clothes and every towel in the apartment (with no way to wash them). We spent that evening sopping up
water and trying to rescue some of our clothes from the flooding. There was no way to reach the host or owner...it took her late into the next afternoon to return my many messages and emails...so when we finally found out there
was a special card that had to be used for the washing machine, we spent the last night of our trip staying up late trying to wash enough for the 4 of us to last a couple of days on the boat...I put $20 on the laundry card and
spent another $110 among the 4 of us on laundry on the ship. We would like a refund.
We would have overlooked any one of these many problems if addressed quickly by the host...she was unavailable...we never even saw her...but picked up keys from a nice Spanish speaking housekeeper...who couldn't tell us much,
and didn't leave us her number either. And even when asked, Mona refused to give us the apartment owners contact info to get some of our questions answered. What could have been a truly incredible experience in New York was ruined by her total lack of management and communication skills.
Please refund us at least the $330 for laundry and internet costs...

Then...This is the response we got from Mona...obviously her customer service skills leave a lot to be desired. She basically calls me a liar and rambles to defend herself. Unacceptable...

From: fineapts@aol.com [mailto:fineapts@aol.com]
Sent: Friday, June 24, 2011 4:09 PM
June 24, 2011

We received your letter regarding your 3 night stay at the 2 bedroom 2 bath Denise apartment for which your party of 5 paid an all inclusive $365.00 per night. Sorry we can not refund either your request for $420.00 which in 1 letter state it will take to cover your Cruise ships charges for Laundry/ internet or your request for $320.00 in another letter which you also state will cover the same laundry / internet fees charged by the cruise ship. Or the 3nd letter to Roomorama in which you state $200.00 in internet fees and $110.00 for laundry total $310.00 in request for refund. I don’t understand how water leaking on to the floor of closet(something which never occurred befort) could leave you with $110.00 in laundry. The water would have had to be at least a foot high to reach clothing that was hanging in a closet. The laundry card we provide was hanging in plain sign on the fridge. Since you had arrived in urgent need of Massive laundry you should have asked the house keeper how to precede. She was available for questions at time of your arrival.
I don’t know why you state you and I did not speak we spoke many times. The reason communication was delayed was because you called mt personal cell phone rather than the office line provide for that purpose. Like all people my cell is shut off when I sleep etc.
You and I spoke many times starting day 1. I told you the owner of the apartment was on vacation in India. A different time zone. She did not need to be involved with you your urgent need for a laundry room. Just as you and I discussed on the phone during our many conversations the internet cord in apartment is located next to the computer and does indeed provide internet services. It did so for all the weekly and monthly guests that preceded you and for the present monthly guest as well. The neighbor does have any knowledge about the internet in an apartment. If so why didn’t you wash your clothes at the previous location prior to arrival at our apartment. If you did arrived with laundry may be you should charge the previous place the $320 or is it $400 or $310.00 for laundering on a cruise ship. May be you will. I am confused as to whether you arrived with a great deal of clothing which needed to be washed immediately upon arrival ? Generally people do not do so. Which is others and should not been involved. I am very sorry you were not pleased with the accommodation and am confused that you state. The A.C did not work. They do but perhaps not as much as you would like. All the buildings in NYC have cut down on the power for reason of conservation. I live in a luxury hi rise but the Air conditioning unfortunately is never up to max. Fortunately it was not 98 degree as stated in your letter. Again I feel badly you were not satisfied fortunately all other vacationer to the same apartment have been.

I am astounding at her unprofessional response. The discrepancy in $ amounts vary because we are estimating and still waiting for our credit card statements to come in for exact numbers. As I received numbers from each of the 5 parties involved (five witnesses to her horrible treatment, by the way), I have updated the amounts estimated.

If there was a computer in the apartment, it was well hidden. Her statement below is simply not true...there was no internet.

I called the "office" phone several times...and left many messages...never once spoke to a human in the office...after dozens of calls...

Our clothing was indeed all clean when we arrived, there was no "urgent laundry need" on our arrival...this leaking toilet caused the need!! Two full duffle bags and 6 formal dresses that were hanging to the floor in that closet were wet with toilet water...they had to be laundered before we could wear them on the cruise. She obviously can't even apologize for our inconvenience...ridiculous. I would at least like the info to contact the owner of this apartment. He/She should know about this...

We will all be posting to the several travel sites we use and will NOT be using Roomorama or Sandsmona again...

Thank you for your time,

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N  14th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
Very interesting though unfortunate. I'm a single middleaged female traveller, reserved an apartment through Roomorama and thought it was fine (my own fault for not finding all the negative comments here and elsewhere first). when I contacted the owner less than a week before to ask simple questions such as "Does the computer have internet" based on a photo on the website, I had to make multiple attempts got back brief surly replies such as "No computer advertised or supplied"--ok, the bad photo was of something else that looked like a desktop computer. Fine. No replies at all to questions about best way to subway from airport or other simple facts about apartment. Decided I didn't trust or have positive feeling about this guy or his apartment (scams are rampant.) The cancellation policy on roomorama turned out to have been trumped by his own policy of only half price refunded instead of one night, which was not at all prominent on the website (again my own fault not investigating but I've rented apartments all over the world and never had this problem). So I'm out $700 and staying in a hotel for 1/3 again the price but not worrying about dealing with jerks on my own. I should add that ROOMORAMA HAS NOT REPLIED TO MY COMPLAINT ABOUT THIS GUY or their service.
A  20th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
I can see where trouble with roomorama is two-sided. I have had zero luck as a host on roomorama. As a non commercial host, I get the weirdest inquiries from people who seem completely incapable of reading. Every attempt as a host on this site has been unsuccessful. Taking a cash deposit when the guest arrives at your front door (to me) is obviously a venue for MAJOR trouble, to both host and guests. The site is completely confusing and cryptic in setting up your property.
I have also had my two properties listed the exact amount of time on Aribnb. I have made over $60k on airbnb and $0 on Roomorama. You have absolutely no recourse with roomorama should you run into trouble with a guest. The emailing back and forth is inefficient and ineffective. I don't want to play email tag when trouble arises. Roomorama offers no insurance, and very little company security or assurance things will be taken care of promptly in an emergency...they fail to mention that if a guest is new and has no review there is no guest reference. Airbnb insures you for $1 million should you have a problem with guests and your property, they take payment and deposits my credit card online (one step in verification you are dealing with a real guest), 24 hour customer service/concierge...really, really unclear how roomorama is even staying around.

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