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Roomful of Blues / Extremely Bad Service from Pub - TO BOYCOTT

1 Singapore

I give a standing ovation with the current strong emphasis on Service Excellence and the tremendous support by Government bodies, pumping money into organizations to bring service to a higher standing. However, some organizations turn a blind eye to it and probably rule that all customers are difficult and no amount of service could surmount it.
Recently, I am appalled having to experience the worst service ever in a Nightspot. "Roomful of Blues" at 72 Prinsep Street has been thought of as a wonderful chill out place for many, or so I thought. Thinking it would be a fantastic place to hold a 21st birthday party for a young cousin, I enquired on booking a small area for 40 guests. Enquiring Steve (presumably the owner) on the feasibility of decorating the place, he cut me in (without finish listening what I have got to say) and answered curtly that his pub comes as it is and no decorations are allowed. He does not want other customers to think it is a theme party and if we are not happy about it, we are not welcome. I was extremely shocked at his service-disoriented answer and his tone of voice. I feedback to him gently that he is rude. As a result, he got even more upset and raised his voice at me, claiming that I'm teaching him what to do which I did not come with an intention to (it was only an enquiry, isn't it? Moreover, I was happy to comply with the pub's policy should there be any). I questioned about his tone of voice calmly and reminded him not to let his anger get over him. In fact, I was ready to even apologize to him for any miscommunication which I may have caused, but he simply screamed at me to shut up and slam the phone down on me. This level of service is terrible and unacceptable as I felt abused and violated. I sincerely hope some training provider could guide “Roomful of Blues” in some form of Service training.

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