Roof RightRoof Right has not delivered on contracted services

Roof Right has not delivered on promised roof replacement despite NUMEROUS attempts to contact the company regarding the contracted work. We paid a 50% deposit over a month ago and had been given a promised start date but received no communication from the company. 2 days after the original stated start date, my wife and I made numerous efforts to contact the company and FINALLY got a response providing a new promised start date. That particular start date has also come and gone and we have been completely unsuccessful in contacting the company. At this point, I no longer want to have any dealings with anyone that does not honor a signed contract or their word as it relates to this particular home and simply want my deposit back. I'm sure there are a number of other roofing contractors that would be glad to complete the job and earn additional referrals for a job well done. If it were simply a situation where the roofer was overextended due to other work, a simple phone call to provide status and a renegotiated start date would have satisfied but we no longer want to pursue this avenue ESPECIALLY since his lack of follow through on the work has caused us to miss at least one opportunity to sell the house. Roof Right's performance has made me extremely wary of small businesses in general as I originally thought this would be an opportunity to provide a small business the chance to demonstrate outstanding customer service and obtain the referred business that comes along with a job well done.


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