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Roni Deutch Law Office / Fraudulent Practices

1 UT, United States

August 2010, my husband and I were facing a tax levy that we knew we could not afford. I told him to look into tax attorneys and he decided to retain the Roni Deutch firm. Not only did they advertise falsely but they continue to lie to us on a daily basis. They told my husband that they would stop wage garnishments while we went through the process of working with the IRS. They never contacted the IRS or either of our employers payroll depts. On 09/24/10 about 75% of my bi-weekly paycheck was garnished by the IRS. He immediately called the Deutch office and was told, oh give us the payroll dept. info (which they had because they had 3 of my pay stubs) and we will contact them right away to stop further garnishments. My payroll dept was never contacted. They also told my husband that he did not have to worry about the IRS garnishing his pay because they only take from 1 spouse per month and it is the spouse with the lesser pay. Well, low and behold, 6 days later the IRS garnished over half of my husband's paycheck. He only gets paid once per month so the remaing amount was only enough to pay our rent for the month of October. He contacted Deutch's office again and was told oh well, there are no guarantees, just make sure you pay your $279 payment by 10/08/10. Not only did they not contact the IRS or our payroll depts but the information they were going to present to the IRS was incorrect. They showed us having a large positive cash flow, had our income too high and left out several of our monthly payments. They said no this is correct so why don't you give us a verbal authorization to make a monthly payment arrangement with the IRS. It should be $100 or less per month. They then told my husband if we didn't have the $279 payment, we need to pay them at least $200 by 10/08/10.

I hope they don't stay at the office waiting for that payment because it won't be happening. I am filing a claim against them!!!


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