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Roni Deutch / Awful company

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My husband and I hired the tax firm to assist with a tax debt in 11/07 since that time it has been nothing but pure *** to get our money back. After paying them $1700 in fees for a pile of paperwork that didn't amount to anything we still owe the IRS $$$$.

When trying to contact them for an answer they stonewall us by saying " a phone call is being made to the IRS". I would advise anyone looking to use this law firm to solve your tax problems avoid them at all cost. They are a crooks!


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  24th of Sep, 2008
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Anyone filling a complaint against this company "Roni Lynn Deutch" needs to send a complaint to the ifcc.gov.

See http://www.ifcc.gov

File the complaint and manybe we can get something done..

Hope this helps
  24th of Sep, 2008
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sorry wrong url//

here it is:


go there to file a complaint against them..
  30th of Nov, 2008
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Most of the big TV tax firms make promises it is simply impossible to keep. IRS accepts about 20% of offers in compromise and they take about 24 months to get thru the system.

If yuo are truly unabkle to pay there are far better ways to handle IRS collections.
  10th of Apr, 2009
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Make a complaint with the Office of Professional Responsibility. I have attached the information you need to contact them, which is also available on www.irs.gov.

The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) At-a-Glance


The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) establishes and enforces consistent standards of competence, integrity and conduct for tax professionals (enrolled agents, attorneys, CPAs, and other individuals and groups covered by IRS Circular 230.

Strategic Priorities

OPR supports the IRS strategy to enhance enforcement of the tax law and to ensure that attorneys, accountants and other tax practitioners adhere to professional standards and follow the law.


Internal Revenue Service
Office of Professional Responsibility
SE:OPR, Room 7238/IR
1111 Constitution Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20224

Phone Number: (202) 927-3397
Fax Number: (202) 622-2207

Program Background

The Office of Professional Responsibility provides education and outreach to the tax professional community and administers the enrolled agent exam. To support the IRS' strategic priorities, OPR ensures the integrity and credibility of the American tax system by working through tax professionals and with IRS operating divisions and functions. Circular 230 changes have created a need to increase awareness among tax professionals regarding the consequences of non-compliance. This awareness, plus increased enforcement and additional legislation, should help deter non-compliance.

Business Objectives

To increase the percentage of tax professionals who do adhere to professional standards and follow the law by:

Establishing procedures to identify and address the most egregious non-compliance cases
Strengthening partnerships with tax professionals
Establishing and communicating standards of conduct for tax practitioners
Establishing and maintaining a system of tax practitioner oversight
Rejuvenating the referral process
Publicizing actions taken to promote the integrity of the system and deter further non-compliance
Establishing and administering a system of sanctions for tax practitioners who fail to observe standards of conduct
  9th of May, 2009
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IRS Suspends Tax Practitioner for Failing To Provide Service Related to Offers in Compromise

WASHINGTON — An enrolled agent was suspended from practice before the Internal Revenue Service by the Office of Professional Responsibility on April 6 for not performing services related to offers in compromise (OIC) paid for by taxpayers.

Enrolled Agent Richard Hargus worked in California for two separate, now defunct companies that specialized in tax resolution services, which included submitting OICs to the IRS.

Multiple taxpayers paid the companies for Hargus to resolve their income tax liabilities through the OIC program. In many instances, the taxpayers either did not receive the services for which they paid or received very little assistance with resolving their tax issues.

An offer in compromise is an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS that settles the taxpayer’s tax liabilities for less than the full amount owed. Absent special circumstances, if a taxpayer has the ability to fully pay the tax liability in a lump sum or through installment agreement payments, an offer in compromise generally will not be accepted.

Tax practitioners are subject to the regulations issued under Treasury Department Circular 230. Specifically Circular 230 provides that a practitioner must exercise due diligence in preparing or assisting in the preparation of, approving, and filing of tax returns, documents, affidavits, and other papers relating to Internal Revenue Service matters.

Following an investigation by the IRS, Hargus admitted a lack of due diligence in these taxpayers’ situations. The IRS suspended Hargus from practice for a period of time lasting at least 18 months.

The IRS is taking a closer look at tax resolution companies, and is also litigating known OIC abuses to ensure that tax professionals fulfill their legal and ethical obligations to their clients in dealing with IRS tax matters.
  9th of Oct, 2009
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How can one be so thick to take advantaged of people in distressed? I have heard so many individual who had been rip-off by the company and still take in more clients that are in need of real help and instead of helping, they bury them more into troubles.

I am pissed off and i have something for RONI LYNN DEUTCH, I will place a curse that for what you are doing to these people, you will suffer from a rare form of cancer, you will live long enough to see what this disease can do to you. The money you made all these years, the car you drive the house you live in will be nothing compared to what you will be suffering. MAY THAT CURSE BE WITH YOU AND TO THOSE WHO BENEFITED FROM YOUR ILL GOTTEN WEALTH !!!
  27th of Apr, 2010
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I advise people to do their homework before hiring someone. Research the Internet and find out how many complaints they have and what those complaints are. And, as a rule, you will always get better attention and dedication from small firms with a small number of highly experienced professionals than from large firms who employ many so called experts and wave the "cumulated experience" flag before your eyes. Would you like your IRS problems to be "thrown together" with hundreds of other clients within the commercial machine of a large firm, have your files misplaced, your case mishandled? Or would you rather have a real professional with a lifetime of experience, get directly involved in your case and save you from the IRS.

Do not believe the hype, hire a true professional that will manage your case with the attention it deserves. Having problems with the IRS is not something to be taken lightly. If you want to know more on how you can represent yourself before the IRS, learn more about your problem and the options available to you, or if you need to hire a highly experienced tax professional with over 25 years of hands-on experience in dealing with tax problems and the IRS, visit my website at: www.TaxProblem.org
  30th of Jul, 2010
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I just had the displeasure of speaking to Russell Deutch. Rude offinsive and agresive is the understaement of this owner of the business. Unprofessional in every way.
If the owner and top manager speaks to his customers this way how does one expect any better by their services.
Stay away from this company Russell Deutch was and still is an unprofesional jerk.
Stay clear of them
  4th of Aug, 2010
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I am ready for a class action lawsuit. This firm is rude, offensive and does nothing but take money and say that they have worked on your case. They did nothing in my case, except send out a bunch of papers which mean nothing!!! I contacted IRS due to a letter that was sent to me by IRS. I told them that I had legal representation through Roni Deutch. They looked at my files and said there had been no communication between this firm and the IRS...I am fuming. I then asked for a refund of 1700.00 hundred dallors in writing. I just received a call telling me that it takes 35 business days to get a response in the mail. I live down the street from the office in Noth Highlands, and I'm going to call Curtis on KCRA and file a complaint and let them talk to the cameras. One day I also spoke to one of the so called legal clerks in the financial dept. He made a very sarcastic comment about me no getting to the office before it closed the day before. When I called the next day, he disrectfully told me that they did not have the time to play games with me. The stupid fool didn't understand about Chemotherapy!!!
  13th of May, 2011
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They are crooks it needs to be a class action lawsuit against her company, yes the firm is rude and offensive and you are right they did nothing but take my money and a different lie everytime you called them. The IRS did or does not even recognize their work, all you get from her is a bunch of paperwork making you think they are doing something I paid them $1200.00 dollars and got nothing. Roni Deutch needs to get whatever is coming to her just like all the other crooks, she is no different, how can a company that you are paying money to for their service be rude to you and they make sure they get their money. Sometimes people like myself can be naive when under financial stress. And think they are doing the right thing, I still had to struggle andpay the IRS after paying her, it is unbelievable how she is trying to act like it is alright to treat people that way, she made enough money so now let her pay the price of doing people wrong that trusted in her and her company.
  27th of May, 2011
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Roni Deutch is a RIP-OFF! She should have her law license taken away for the promises her & her firm tell people just to get the $$$$$$$$. Her firm lies to people as to a settlement with the IRS. My father is in more debt since hiring her in 2010. Struggling to pay IRS while living on Disability. I hope people read these comments & do some in dept searching before hiring a Tax Firm.
  20th of Aug, 2011
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I hired Roi Deutch's company to get my taxes reduced and set up a payment schedule. Her so-called staff set up the payment schedule for an amount that we were unable to make and did not have the bill reduced as promised. We paid $2600 for her services. I was able to negotiate a better payment schedule than her people did. She should have her license taken away for lying to people and taking their money. I want to get my money back!

S.L., Richmond, VA
  3rd of Aug, 2016
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United States

Two years we acquired the services of Roni Duetch to help us with our owed balence to the IRS. We paidover $3200.00, fees to get them to help us with our case. At the beginnig of the process we given meny forms /aplications to fill out information and when they were completed and sent to Roni Duetch we then recived word form then, starting that all they were doing is waiting on, a respose from the IRS. Time passed and when it came to report our annual taxes we were deducted automatically for what was owed eventually we paid off our owed balance to the IRS and that was during three years waitig process that we never recieved services from Roni Duetch, when we contacted the Roni Duetch, office to notify them that we no longer need them, because we paid our dues to the IRS. We need our money back they told me to waiting for 6 weeks they wouldn't response to my phone calles and i found out they are out on business.

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