Ronald PittmanSkipping rope

I've been working out in health clubs and gyms, also fitness centers most of my life. I have never been told that cannot jump rope ever until I joined planet fitness. If I'm paying my monthly fees I should be allowed to jump rope if I choose too. If I'm not interfering with anyone. I would like planet fitness to allow it's members to jump rope as a part of there workout. If not the various groups that I have contacted will start picking out front of each location in the state of IL. Jumping rope is no more dangerous than members falling off treadmills, or injury from lifting weights. Please consider our request for rope skiping . Thank you for your time. Groups: Cpd, Cfd, Stp, Gmp, LCM Hospital, Star Security, Kate Security, Chigo. Water Dept., Cps, Fox 32. These are a few groups that we have contacted, and willing to support us.

Jan 02, 2015

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