Rome Health Rehab Rome GA / unprofessional nurse. yelling screaming point system of 6 points gets you fired

1 Rome, georgia, Georgia, United States

one nurse on B side yells at patients, yells at employees shakes fingers in their face. laughes so loud you can hear her on the other wing. gives patients wrong meds, not enough meds makes clients get up who do not normally get up and sit in chair 4 hrs yelling they want to go to bed. they use the point system any reason from getting a point such as being sick and calling in gets you a point if you miss the next day its another point. 6 points you are fired. takes 6 months for 1/2 point to fall off. very very high turn over wont hire anyone. begging for people to work over time and if you don't they get mad.
doesn't matter if you have dr excuse or not still get points. if you are sick and have a 106 fever you must show up and they determine if you are really sick and that's a 1/2 point if you are lucky. they next day if you are still sick its a point.

Oct 12, 2017

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