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Rolland Elliott Studios / Scammers

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We contracted Rolland Elliott Studios to provide us with a photbooth for our wedding reception October 4th 2008. The printer stopped working about an hour in a half after the service started. The attendant told us that he would send us a CD with the pictures and the physical photstrips the week after our event. This never happened so I contacted Rolland Elliott on the 10th.

The following, are the events that occurred from my initial conversation with Rolland Elliott to this point in time. When I originally talked to him on the October 10th, I mentioned that his attendant told us that he would send us a cd with the pictures and the photostrips on Monday the 6th. I then mentioned to him that we haven't received them.

He then stated that “the photobooth was being shipped back to him and it would arrive sometime the following week, at which time I will download the photos to a cd, print them, and send them out to you by the week of the 20th". I told him I would follow up with him if I didn't receive the photos the week of the 20th.

My wife then called him on the 27th, and he stated that he would contact the attendant. I then called him, after my wife, on 27th and he informed me that he emailed the attendant to get in contact with him. After he told me that he emailed the attendant, I then asked him “why you emailed the attendant when you stated that the photobooth was being shipped back to you and that you were going to get us the photos".

He then replied that “I would never say that the photobooth was shipped back to me when it was with another client". So at this point, I knew that something was not right. He did state that the photobooth was being shipped back to him and if he didn't say that the photobooth was being shipped back, then why didn't he just contact the attendant on the 10th?

The attendant could have sent us the photos himself the week of the 13th and this would already have been resolved. Furthermore, in the contract it states that “If the printer fails to print out photos on site the Provider will be allowed to give a web site to the client where there guests can log onto and order prints free of charge with free shipping as well as the ability to download the digital files for their own use".

They never provided us with this website. I then told him that I would follow up with him on the 29th to check the status. I called him on the 29th and he had not heard from the attendant. The weird thing was, he had a voice distorter the made his voice low and then high. It took a few minutes and after several requests that I can't talk to him with his voice like that, he did something and his voice was normal again.

I then asked him what is going on. He told me that he thinks the laptop was broken and it would have to be shipped back to him for them to extract the photos to be sent to us. I asked him how he knew this since he hasn't talked to the attendant. He then said I'm assuming that is the case since one of his attendants in the St. Paul area had a broken laptop.

I then asked when and if I'm going to receive the photos. He stated that I would receive them, but it would take up to two weeks. I want to believe that is the case, but given the first conversation we had on the 10th and everything that has been said and done up to this point, I'm skeptical in what I believe.

I told him to contact me when he talks to the attendant. He told me a may be a couple of days. It is now, November 4th and I have not heard from him... I don't expect to and I've already filed a complaint with the Attorney General.

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  • Er
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    Please if anybody has had a bad experience using Photo Booth Rentals ; aka Rolland Elliot ; wether as an attendant or as a client renting his equiptment please contact me. I am Eric Nunenkamp and I was scheduled to be an Independant Contractor (ATTENDANT) at a wedding here in Scottsdale, Az. on 11/15/08. I did not recieve the equip. as promised (11/11/08) until 11/13/08. After recieving the equip. I spent 2 hours trying to make it work. The printer was broken and damaged beyond repair and the laptop and remote button for the camera were not working . At 3:00 pm on 11/13/08 i called THE PHONE # THAT THEY SAID TO CALL IF THERE WAS A PROBLEM! I spent that whole evening waiting for a call back and trying to make the equip. work. 24 hours after I called them all I heard from them was that its just a simple paper jam and to go do the event anyway. I had contacted the Bride/Groom Friday morning 1 day before the event to let them know that I could not in good conscience attend the event without equip. in proper working order. These people had already paid a great deal of money and were entitled to a booth that worked and printed out the pictures there at the event. Mr Rolland had 2 different people that he wanted to take over the equip. from me knowing full well that the equip. did not work. His only goal it seems was to get a body out to the event even with inoperable equip. so that he could charge the people and then promise them he would send the pics to them at a later date. I am currently holding this equipt. until the Bride and Groom RECIEVE A 100% REFUND OF WHAT THEY PAID. Further more I am asking $300 for breach of verbal contract as they did not provide to me the equip and supplies in a workable condition by 11/11/08 as agreed. Please email me at

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