Roketa / Dishonest Practices

1 2041 S Turner Ave, Ontario, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-520-9811

My recent experience with “ROKETA” aka Goldenvale Inc., Ontario, California has left me with the realization that they are all just a bunch of thieves, from the sales department, to the service department, and most of all the parts department, they are all dishonest, will lie through their teeth, and rip you off in any way that they can. I called to order a part for my Roketa GK-13 go-kart, I spoke with a lady named Nataska, who said my $40 part was on back order, she then proceeded to tell me that they did however have a heavy-duty version of the part I needed in stock, the price was $140 plus $18.25 for shipping… I gave her my credit card number and told her to make sure it shipped out that day, she assured me that it would, that was on a Monday. On Friday when UPS drove right by my house without a delivery, I immediately called Nataska and asked her to email me a copy of the invoice and tracking number for my order, she asked me to hold on for a moment, she didn’t put me on hold, she just laid the phone down, I could hear her in the background asking someone if he had removed the shaft from the kart they had in stock and shipped it out, the reply was obviously no… she then picked up the phone and said that there had been a mix up and that she would make sure that the part was shipped that day, my reply was simply make sure that it does and I hung up. After thinking about the conversation I had overheard, I became angry because I realized I was being taken advantage of, so I called back and asked Nataska why she had lied to me about having the part in stock, she said she had not lied, at that point I told her that I had overheard her conversation, and that I knew exactly what she was up to, she denied my allegations, so I told her that I would not do business with anyone who was so dishonest and just trying to take advantage of a customer who was in need of a crucial part, I then told her to cancel my order and issue a full credit. I had no intention of just leaving it at that though, I called back again and spoke with her boss, simply as a courtesy to let him know exactly what was going on in his parts department… Walter Chen proceeded to tell me that the kart that the part was being taken off of was a damaged kart they received from the manufacturer, and that they had intentions of disassembling it for parts… WOW, that makes it even worse!!! Keep in mind, this was a damaged unit that they received a full credit from the manufacturer on due to it being damaged, that means they have absolutely nothing into this kart ($00.00) at this point, as in “ZERO” dollars, and they had intentions of selling me a stock $40 part off of it and making a 100% profit on the $140 that they had initially charged me for it… talk about a complete “bend over and grab your ankles” rip-off!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! EVER!!! THEY are all a bunch of THIEVES and LIARS!!! If you do buy a Roketa product and you should ever have a need for parts, you’ll be completely screwed and at their mercy!!!

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