Rocky's DiamondSelling non-natural topaz stones as natural stones and failed to disclose details

We were there in Nov on behalf of a family member, got sold a promotional item which was a set of Topaz; 2 ear rings, ring and a pendant. Since we knew nothing about Topaz, we asked Rocky if this is a good set and real, he assured us 2 times that they are real topaz and explained to us that he does not make money on this set - he has them heavily discounted to attract consumers and increase business opportunities. Since we knew nothing, price was right and the color was nice (at least to us) - we bought it.
Brought them back home - family member wanted to change to white gold settings, brought them in to few jewelers in Toronto to appraise and obtain quotes, appraised value of $15 on the stones as they are lab made stone and not original natural stones as expected.

Totally disappointed and bad experience.

Jan 26, 2015

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