Rockymountainwheel.comInsults and bad manners


We placed an order via the website as per the on-screen instructions. It stated we would pay an additional $5.00 shipping and handling for international orders. The goods will be sent via USPS (an excellent service we're familiar with).

After checking out and paying (via Paypal) we noticed we were not charged the additional $5.00
We promptly called the "customer service" phone line to ask why.
The "gentleman" who answered told us that our money will be refunded and that they do not do business with Canada.
If you don't want our business, fine. State that on your website (not that you accept international orders).
If you feel a need to insult the citizens of your closest friend and ally (some of us fought for the USA)please place your insults on your homepage so we will know to avoid any future contact with you.

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