Rocksolid / Missing part/coloure difference

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Hi I Jasvir singh, i got my kitchen delivery on 06/04/2009.When we was opened for fitting this package we found too maney thing are missing that is not supply to me in package. Firstly the unit and doors are different and coloure are also in different . Secondly the learders that supply to me totally in different coloure coloure it is not maching with others or when we order this kitchen then the desinger tlled me the learders are covered in solid fram that is also not supply to me . Thirdly the glass units shelfs are always in glass but that shelf are also deliverer to me in wooden i need in glass.The missing thing in delivery that is door softteach, 2xlights, 2x covnice, 2x pelmet and three drawers that is fit under the hob not in delivery. I am not happy this delivery . I want to returen this kitchen please delivered to me bran new kitchen in complete package. By your mistake i was pay 300 pounds to a fitter, he was charged from me 300 pounds becouse he was come to fit my kitchen on saturday but unable to fit this kitchen it is not complete. Please tell me now how is pay to me this money and wast of my time, please suitout my problem as soon as possible i am really worried about my kitchen becouse i am pay fully payment 1835 pounds for this kitchen.Please take off this kitchen anddelivered to me new in complete package without missing any part and in same coloure. thanks

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