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Rock'n Dogs Resort / Awful company

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After purchasing dog food from Rock'n Dogs Resort the owner and I spoke about dogs for a while. He found out that I was an experienced dog trainer and offered me a job, skipping the application process he hired me. He verbally promised me a pay of $9/hr and said that he would have me trained at his sisters dog hospital across the street. No one working there, including myself, were ever trained.

I personally witnessed the owner's (Jay) scams to the community. People would come in and pay for the grooming package, which included bathing the dog. Later when the owner would pick the dog up they would noticed that they were never groomed and Jay would give them the excuse that the dog had just played in the pool.

Dog fights would occur constantly and no one stopped the fights, other than me. There is not separation of small and large dogs, which causes many problems. Because I witnessed I quit the second day, completely losing my trust in Jay as an honest person. He promised me he would process my papers and pay me appropriately for minimum wage, but I reminded him that he offered $9/hr and he understood.

Weeks passed by after he said that he would contact me and I finally wrote him an e-mail. He and his lawyer responded with threats that they would take me to court. Jay also called me very upset yelling at me saying 'you will never win, I will always win.' (this outburst from them was over $126 that they owed me)

He never processed my papers and therefor claimed I only had an interview and there was no need to pay. He never submitted my resume, or my personal information to the HR office.

This facility is a scam to the employees and dog owners. The employees are not trained, Jay, the owner, is a liar and cheated me out of my pay. The animals are poorly monitored, which often results in many dog fights.


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  • In
      14th of Mar, 2009
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    I agree, I took my dog there twice and the second day I notiecd he was bleeding on his face. Jay told me he had scratched himself on the fence. Later I noticed two more marks and took him to a vet. The vet said it looked like a dog bite.

    When I asked Jay for a refund for the remainder of my pass he also threatened me with his lawyers. I never got a refund and filed a claim with the better business beauru.

    This place is a scam, and if it's still around I HIGHLY recommend you DO NOT take your dog there.

  • Jo
      8th of May, 2010
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    User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    by Jim & Jo Ann

    My wife and I were looking for a place to board our dog Sally. We researched all of the available facilities in Utah County. After arriving at Rock'N Dogs Resort we realized we had found the ideal pet resort. The facility was amazing! VERY CLEAN. The front lobby was immaculate and very luxurious with hardwood floors and leather chairs. The manager immediately upon arrival offered my wife and I fresh fruit, granola bars, and orange juice. At first we thought we'd have to pay for it, but then we were informed that this is offered to all visitors upon arrival every day!

    We were offered (didn't have to ask) a tour of the facility. It was amazing to say the least. The cleanest smelling boarding facility we had ever visited. During the outside portion of our tour we were amazed to find natural grass around the facility and well landscaped. Most of the other facilities we had visited did not offer natural grass areas for the pets. Then we laughed silly when we noticed a multitude of dogs of different size and breeds, jumping into a full sized concrete swimming pool (not those little plastic ones). There was a number of young well trained staff wearing walkie-talkies and their uniforms (something we really liked for communication).

    Needless to say, when we picked our dog up from our 2 week long vacation, she seem very happy and cheerful. They had groomed her and washed all her bedding. They even gave us a report card informing us of her stay at the facility. We are impressed and would highly recommend the facility to anyone who loves their pet and is concerned about leaving them in someone else's care while they're gone.

  • Vi
      21st of Oct, 2010
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    Wow, JoAnn shows up again. He also posted on Yahoo! Local with the exact same post. Oh, wait, now this is JIM posting this. I guarantee you this is the owner, aka, liar, conman, cheat, bully. I worked there, saw him abuse dogs, lie to customers, and cheat employees. He doesn't pay his employees what they've earned, doesn't give them breaks, doesn't train them, and leaves them to fend for themselves within hours of starting to work there. When I worked there, a dog was injured in rough play. I showed the owner and asked what I should do to treat it, since I was never trained beyond "here's how to mop." He flatly denied that the dog was injured and said that it was a wart on the dog's face that the dog had come in with. The owner wasn't even at the kennel for the first several hours that day (typical), so I had been checking all the dogs in by myself. He'd never laid eyes on the dog that day. So if your dog is injured there, don't listen to any lies he gives you. It was either in play, fighting, or the owner did it himself, since he likes to abuse male dogs for scent marking. Regardless, your dog is not safe here. Neither's your money, for that matter.

  • De
      30th of Oct, 2010
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    I can't attest to the way employees are treated, but this place was recommended to me by someone whose clients are caring dog owners and many of them recommended Rock N Dogs. I had looked at several places online, but after the recommendation we took our baby to this place and it seemed like an excellent facility. I had not noticed the horrible reviews at that time. Our dog LOVED it there. He was happy to see us when we came and picked him up but clearly he wanted to continue playing out with the other dogs and in the pool. We have taken him back several times and he is ready to jump out of our car and eager to go through the door each and every time.

    This last time was after I read the reviews and of course I became very concerned. I told my husband to be mindful of how our pup behaved when he saw the building and employees. If he acted even remotely skittish I told my husband to bring him home right away. He sent me a phone video of our dog's reaction to seeing Rock N Dogs. He was bouncing, wagging and again, pulling to get into the door and play. I have never seen any signs of fear, abuse or horseplay injuries from my dog. We enjoyed seeing the videos they post on YouTube allowing you to see your pup playing everyday. Each day our guy looked so happy and relaxed in the video. He comes home happy and sleepy, and shows no signs of stress or anxiety. I can't confirm nor deny the previous complaints but I can only say that after at least half a dozen extended visits (5-7 days) our pup is healthy, happy and well cared for there and shows no indications of mistreatment. Additionally someone on one of the forums said they paid for their dog to be bathed but the dog never was- in our experience, the last two times we have picked up our dog he has clearly been bathed (fluffy and smelled awesome) and I had not asked nor been charged for that service. I feel comfortable about taking my sweet boy to this facility.

  • Ma
      10th of Nov, 2010
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    I agree with the previous comment in support of Rock N Dogs Resort. The facility was strongly recommended by a dear friend of ours whom has been going to the resort since it first opened up. So we first brought our dog there Max for the first time approximately one and a half years ago. Our experience has been nothing but excellent. Our dog is always ready to jump out of the car when we pull up to the parking lot. He has always been bathed and well groomed after each visit, and smelled GREAT ! My husband and I enjoy watching the videos of our dog at play when we go on vacation. It is such a relief for us to leave our dog at a facility we can trust. In addition, it is the only facility with Veterinarians whom perform their daily rounds in the morning and afternoons. During our Labor day 2010 boarding stay, we panicked when just prior to boarding our dog when we realized some of his vaccines had expired and our regular Vet couldn't give us an appointment until after Labor Day. We were so relieved when we were informed that all the shots could be given to him at the Resort. It was so hassle free.

    Shortly there after I came across this sight and read the complaint. I was hard to accept and believe based on our experience. Nonetheless, I mentioned it to my husband and seemed bewildered. I mentioned what I had read to our friend whom had recommended the facility to us and to my surprise she was well aware of the online complaint complaints. So it seems that several months ago two employee's were caught on video surveillance stealing from the business whenever the owners or managers were not present. They were stealing bags of food from the shelves of the business. One of the employee's was caught and prosecuted and ordered to pay restitution, the second employee was not because he became a witness against the first employee. At some point one of them decided to embark on a defamation campaign online against the business and they submit these awful comments and complaints anonymously. And thats what I know. I will continue to support and recommend this business until I have a valid reason not to.

  • Pl
      13th of Nov, 2010
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    I agree that the owner must be posting these fake favorable accounts on here for damage control. I personally know clients and employees who have been treated horribly at this place. Employees are not paid for work and bullyed. A vet comes by twice a day...what a joke. A vet would have the place shut down, which it needs to be. Everyone is certainly free to believe what they will, but I am sorry and sickened that more dogs and employees will continue to be abused by this man at this scam of a place. He knows the truth and what goes around will come around. At the very least, please think very hard before leaving your dog there.

  • Lo
      19th of Nov, 2010
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    Rock'n dog is no longer a registered business with the State of Utah. BBB is unable to deliver to the address on the website. BUYER BEWARE. Contact the Utah Division of Consumer Affairs for more information.

  • Ta
      6th of Mar, 2011
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    Rock N Dogs unfortunately is still a registered business, I worked there over Thanksgiving and I only lasted about a week and a half before I had to quit immediately. I was subjected to severe sexual harassment by the manager who goes by Jay, he followed me into the bathroom and tried to force me to kiss him and he showed me pictures of his penis that were on his cell phone (well TRIED to show me). After I quit he refused to send me my pay, and I only got it one month later, after he had called Orem Police and complained that I was harassing HIM! He is a crooked and shady man, and certainly does not care for the dogs. If a dog goes potty in it's kennel during the night he will not feed the dog dinner the next day. There is absolutely no one there from 7pm until 7am every night, and the dogs stay locked in their kennels.

  • Sk
      13th of Mar, 2011
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    I just quit this resort as of a week ago. I worked there for over a month and never had a day off...but I didn't care because if I wasn't there the dogs were totally neglected. I worked overtime every week and was never paid for it, I never once received a break, I was sexually harrassed by Jay (Jorge Callas), and was made to lie to the clients coming in. I was forced to tell all of our clients that we had overnight staff and that we were operational 24 hrs a day or Jay would scream incesantly. THERE IS NO OVERNIGHT CARE!!! Your dogs are left alone and in kennels from 6:30 PM until 7:30 AM. They are not well supervised because if the "trained" kennel workers (people who have been picked at random, sometimes with no animal experience whatsoever) actually spent time with the dogs like they were supposed to, we would get screamed at for not mopping the front office, spraying the asphalt so it looks newer and nicer, or scrubbing the rugs. ( seriously, twice a week for two hours) The dogs were put up for a nap time every day that the clients were told was only a 1/2 Hr...that half hour was never shorter than 2 hours and many times was longer than three hours. I have also witnessed him beat the daycare dogs on many occasions, and on a few it was bad enough that he beat the dog unconcious by swinging it by it's back legs into metal poles and slamming it into cement. If all of this isn't bad enough, then this will be. He keeps every single clients credit cards on file, complete with card name, type, number, expiration date, as well as V-code from the back and has been known to charge peoples accounts at random and not offer refunds. He has a lawyer as dishonest as him and they will fight. HE HAS ACCESS TO ALL YOUR MONEY!!! Please, for the sake of your animals well being and your financial security, do not condone his dishonest ways. Thank you.

  • De
      13th of Mar, 2011
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    Regarding the last complaint by "skeezegirl91", I'm curious as to why you worked there for over a month when you were witnessing abuse to the level of a man swinging dogs around by their back legs into metal poles and slamming them into the concrete. I understand needing a job, but that kind of behavior is criminal and if you had been as outraged as you claim to be why didn't you take video on your phone and have the SOB arrested for animal cruelty since you quit working there anyway? Many of us need our jobs, but if I witnessed the owner of a company doing something criminal like beating a dog until it was unconscious AND sexually harassing me, I certainly would fear for my own safety and would feel a moral obligation to notify the proper authorities so that he would be stopped and held legally accountable. Working in a place with lousy business sense is one thing, but you watched animals being abused and tortured and continued to work without a day off while not even getting paid for it? I'm sorry, but all this sounds extremely questionable to me. Additionally, the fact that you made your screen name include the word "skeeze" which is defined as the combination of the words "skank" and "sleeze" and is also defined as a person who is "dirty or amoral", makes me feel unable to trust your character. As a woman who urges other women to be empowered and dignify our gender, please consider two things: 1) if this is true, please notify the authorities so that a proper investigation can be conducted into the alleged abuse of animals and 2) please don't refer to yourself as a "skeeze"- and if that definition is fitting of you, perhaps you should consider revamping your own character before slamming someone else's. That is the only way you're going to be taken seriously in this world.

  • Ho
      26th of Apr, 2011
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    I feel like the worst dog owner in the world. Had I read the reviews beforehand, I would never have brought my dog to this facility. Everything I have read here, and on other sites, validates the experience that we just had at this facility.

    We picked our dog up after a week long stay and upon arriving, she came out to greet us and was bleeding so badly that the blood was spattering on the floor, walls, etc. There was dried blood on her back, even after she had "just been bathed." Supposedly, she was "fine" the entire time before picking her up - it just so happened that she developed an injury that burst as soon as we arrived. An employee said that they drew the owner's attention to the site of the injury earlier in the week and he said "she'll be fine." We then noticed two abrasions on her upper lip, which we now believe to be muzzle marks. We had to bring her to the vet hospital (affiliated with the business no less) immediately to have her injury shaved and bandaged. We left with pain meds and antibiotics because she was running a fever. To the vet's credit, we were reimbursed and told that our animal was "very well cared for " while at the "resort."

    When we called to get details from the owner about our dog's injury(he wasn't there when we picked her up), he became volatile and aggressive on the phone, telling us that he did us "a favor" having our "high maintenance" dog at his facility.

    I am not sure how this place can be in business after reading the reviews ( on this site an on others), but I am truly horrified. Our dog is a hurricane rescue and has been subjected to enough trauma. I feel like we put her in harm's way by bringing her to this facility and I could kick myself for not doing my homework in advance. This business is not BBB affiliated, so I'm not sure if there's recourse there. If a daycare facility were treating children this way (as people have described here) it would have been shut down in a heartbeat. Something needs to be done. If anyone has any ideas/information, please post.

  • Ba
      27th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    NOT RECOMMENDED. They lied about everything, free play. My dog smelled, like she had sat in her own urine, who really knows if they are not kenneled all day long. I wish I would have done more research. My dog was freaked when, I dropped her off, she sanpped at the guy. She has never done that before. Dogs know best

  • Th
      2nd of Jul, 2011
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    Are you kidding me right now? Talk about horrible horrible customer service. The owner is seriously the biggest ### on earth. Good luck dealing with him. Not only is he rude, crude, disgusting, unprofessional and overall just a total waste of space. If you care about your dog, think twice before going there.

  • Vi
      27th of Mar, 2012
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    To DextersMom: Wow. You try working for this man and see if you feel safe going after him. He's a big, scary, crazy, violent, frightening bully. And he's been turned into law enforcement for harassment and not paying his lawsuits multiple times. For some reason, Utah law enforcement isn't interested in or able to stop him. When I worked there, he was evading a debt collector and using an alias. He's a seriously messed up, scary dude. You can't judge someone for not taking action when you've never had to worry if he's going to try to hurt you or destroy your life. He has all employees' information. So just chill. And for heaven's sake, don't impugn someone's moral character because of a screen name, that's such a ridiculously low blow.

  • De
      28th of Mar, 2012
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    To Vigilantess2- I do not wish to get into a feud with you, but I stand by my opinion regarding Skeezegirl91's post. And let's face it, if I called myself "liargirl2012" while making very serious allegations against someone, my credibility would come into question. It was not my intention to disrespect her, but in fact to discourage her from disrespecting herself by demeaning herself on a public forum especially in regards to such a disturbing topic. Remember- she claims that she has seen a dog being swung around by its back legs until it was knocked unconscious, etc., those are incredibly grave accusations and something I take very seriously. I want to know I am hearing the truth- so credibility is of the utmost importance in that instance. Secondly, I do feel that a person has the obligation to do *something* (even if it is anonymously) when they are witnessing a horrific crime being committed. Maybe he is as frightening as you say, but you and she are also speaking out on a public forum where you have even accused certain posts as being the owner himself and where you have referred to him as a "liar, conman, cheat" where he could easily see these things and figure out who you are based on the dates of termination, details of incidents you/she have provided. I can not speak on whether the animal cruelty, sexual harrassment or scams have occurred because I have not witnessed these things personally. However, I urge you or whoever has actually witnessed the illegal abusive treatment of dogs to contact an animal advocacy group. There are agencies who specifically investigate claims of abuse. My apologies to you and/or Skeezegirl91 if I offended either of you, but let's keep in mind what is really the most important thing here... that no more animals are abused.

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