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Quite the story...

I actually read your complaint prior to calling and making arrangements to meet Casey Palmer personally. My work as a mounted enforcement officer for a major department in Los Angeles prompted me to do some research. I found your complaint and thought it was an awful story, if true.

Prior to meeting with Casey and Jodi, I admit I had my guard up. Any person qualified enough to call themself a "Horseman" takes nothing for granted. I heard his side of the story which was quite different. I found Casey and Jodi not to be the "uneducated horse traders" that some have labeled them. I found them to be kind, hard working people. I bought my 5 year old daughter a "Casey Palmer Horse". He had some bumps and bruises from the long ride from Oklahoma however, after approx. 4 hours, I too purchased my horse without a vet check. I've relied on my experience and common sense to be my guide through the years.

I would NEVER make any deal or arrangement to purchase a horse by mail. If you do, you're a fool. If you don't have the eye, go find someone that does. I will be posting my picture of "Little Joe" in uniform on Casey's web site soon (

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  • Ka
      25th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes - Misrepresented Quarter Horse Gelding
    Rockin P Quarter Horses
    Ross Road
    United States
    Phone: 918-521-1899

    I bought an 8yr old grade quarter horse gelding from Casey Palmer and Jodi Bagwell. I saw him on their website and I first was asking about a different horse on there and was not getting a response by email so I called and I talked to Casey about what I wanted in a horse. I told him that I wanted a horse that I could trail ride on, that was safe because we have kids in our neighbor hood and was hoping to get a horse that the kids could ride. I told him that I did not want one that would buck or do any thing like that. That I had been bucked off and needed a completely broke horse. He said that the one that I was thinking about would not be as good and this other one that he had, named Tinker. I said of yes I did see him on there as well. He said this horse is great. You can ride him anywhere and do anything. You can pull him out of the pasture and get right on and he will be the same every time( well i guess that is right he bucks every time). He said I had some other people out today that looked at him but they have not made a decision and it is first come first serve. So I said ok i will get him. He said you need to wire the money to me and I will email you the info and I even have someone that can bring him to you in the next few days and it will be about $300. So I got he email with the wire info and went right to the bank to wire the money...$2250, that did not include the shipping. I would pay the shipper when he got here. so that was April 5th, Then I kept trying to get ahold of Casey, no answer no return calls no reply this point I am getting a bad feeling. so I finally get a hold of them on April 8th say they have not gotten the shipping done but he is working on it. In the mean time I am emailing all of his references on his website and I am getting responses yes good ones but of course no one is going to put people that are ot happy with them on their website for a referal. In the mean time I am asking for new pictures and he says I will as soon as sister comes hoem from school. He says that his freind will be shipping him to me in about a week but still no price on shipping. Finally he says that his friend will be $600 to bring him out but I will have to meet him about an hour from my house casue he does not like to go to colorado. so I am getting quotes from other shippers and get a quote for $300 so I tell Casey that I will do that and make sure he has his coggins and health cert. So we finally get it settled for pickup i think it was on the 13th of April. He gets him on the trailer and then the next day April 14th he gets off the trailer. The shipper says I am glad he is here becasue that place was nasty and he was the best looking horse on the place. I am pleased that he does look good, ecpect his feet which needed done very badly, he says that he is a farrier so why were they not done. He is over weight but I rather a few extra pounds than to thin. So I put him in his pen and feed him and then call casey to let him know that he arrived safe and that I was going to ride he later and see how he is, had to get to work not long after he got home.

    So I got to ride him I think it was the next day or day after. I took him into the round pen and lunged him and he looked good so I had by husband there and i said ok I am going to get on and walk and that was fine and then we trotted and that was ok but as soon as i asked for the lope he kicked out. so then i talked to my husband and said ok lets try this again. walk trot lope he kicked out again. So I got off and called casey and told him what happened. He acted very surprised. I said I am going to have the massage therapist out and chiropractor he did just travel from Oklahoma to Colorado, maybe he is tired from the trip. So they came out I think the same day. he did need it he was out in several places. So they said let him rest a day and see how it goes. So i did and he did the same things. so then i called my trainer and took him over there and had him work him and see what was going on. He said well could be his feet and he said he is acting like he is not used to the altitude. So give him 2 weeks to get used to it and then see what happens. So I got the farrier out and he trimmed him and said I think that you need to take him to hte vet and get him lameness checked. So I took him and got him checked and xrayed came back ok so then I thought well his teeth need done maybe that is it. so got is teeth done and his sheath that the vet was one of the worst that he had ever seen. so after all that and the 2 weeks off I took him back to my trainer and he did the same thing so I left him at the trainer for the month. I would go check on him and he would say that he was not changing and could not figure out why. so finally at the ed of the month we finally figured out that the horse had no work ethic and did not care if he pleased oyu or not and that he would not change with out alot more time if ever. He lso told me that he bucked so hard one day that he broke his back cinch. So I call Casey and he says we will trade horses and that he will fond a good one that I can be happy with.

    So begins the trading saga.

    I keep asking him about ones he has on his site. no answer to calls, no answer to emails, no return calls nothing. FInally I think that we have a horse that will work and I am calling to get the coggins and stuff on that one he has and find out when we can get it done and all of a sudden...Casey says "I was riding Jasper today and he did the same thing so we better keep looking" very convenient if you ask me that was June 13th. then it just keeps going on not answering the phone no emails and then when i want a video of one...too much water too much rain no that one wont work... until he finds one tht he says will be great but he will be an additional $1900. I say no way I am not paying more and so I tell him come get him and give me my money i can not do tht we will keep looking. No I will put him on my website and sell him for you. send me pictures and i will get him on right away so i do and then it is into August before he finally gets him on his site. I told him that if things were not settled soon I was going toput him in a catalog sale. well on and on it went. So finally called a Lawyer and she told me to sell him and then go after him for the difference. I had even been asking him for a refund of half the purchase price and he had been refusing that. Well finally I did take him to that sale and I got $575 for him.

    I did finally get $500 from him but I am still out alot on him. I am not any means happy with him.

    Than I get an email from the lawyer that I had talked to before and there is another lady that has had a problem with Casey and she would love to talk to me about what happened to me and so I call her and find out her story.

    So what I am saying is please be very careful if you get a horse from him that everything is as promised and get things in writing just in case.

    I m not saying that he does not have some good horses but he has at least 2 out there that were not as promised.

    There have been more people contacting us with problems as well.

  • El
      8th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    What a touching story. I'm also a proud owner of a Casey Palmer horse! I just couldn't be pleased more!

    I agree totally, Casey and Jodi are very knowledgeable
    when it comes to horses! Very educated!

    I'm anxious to see your " LITTLE JOE " on Casey's website! I'll be watching for him.

    Thanks for sharing such a touching story for all of us !

  • Mo
      11th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    "Frank", if you doubt my story, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure;

    Please keep in mind this is AFTER the vet had already cleaned up the eye. You can see that this poor pony had no hair underneath the eye from the constant draining and severe sunburn.

    I have ANY and ALL other documentation from a letter from the Transport company, to vet statements, invoices, you name it!

    Why would any of us just make up these stories? WHAT would we possibly have to gain? It's ridiculous.

    My husband is also in law enforcement as is most of our friends and family. If you doubt our stories, and you are in law enforcement, you can easily contact Casey's local law enforcement for any other unbiased inquiries yourself.

    And as to "Happy Customer", you've already let us know in your other comments that you are Casey Palmer's mother, so give it a rest already.

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