Rocking K Ranch Quarter Horses, Marla King / Animal Abuse, Falsified Sales Contract

1 15637 fm 412, Annona, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (903) 697-3787

We Located her farm online. Marla King (Rocking K Ranch Quarter Horses) had refernces and was very nice, showed all the "happy customers" she had dealt with from all over the country. Gave us "current" photos and "valid and current" vet paperwork. She even offered to breed the mare to her stud prior to shippiong. Mare (Colonels Nugget, a former champion and champion producer) arrived emaciated (was a body score of about 3, nearly starved to death), couldn't walk and had suffered from broken leg bones at some point years before that were never treated. We had to have the mare put down 5 days after she arrived in CA. When we called Marla and she first tried to accuse the horse transport company and then us, saying the horse was fine when she left TX and that she had become starved to death within the 3 day drive from TX to CA. She then admitted to having trouble keeping weight on the mare. Finally we subpeoned the both of her vets, she had forged documentation clearing the mare to travel. One of her vets will no longer work with her for this reason. We went to court and won law suit, however can not get payment from her nor the local court to help. She is a HORSE MILL - BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

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