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Rockin P Quarter Horses / Fraud and Deceit

1 Porum, OK, United States Review updated:
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Notice to all horse buyers: Beware of purchasing any horse from Casey Palmer and/or Jodi Bagwell, doing business as Rockin P Quarter Horses ( out of Porum, Oklahoma, but also doing business in Texas and California. Mr. Palmer and Ms. Bagwell are by far the most deceitful horse brokers you will ever meet. Deceittful to the point of endangering the lives of children. I found a horse (black gelding) that he had for sale on and I called him regarding this horse. The ad stated the horse was kidbroke and bombproof and Mr. Palmer assured me that he was the best and safest horse he's ever owned. I found out later that every horse he advertises has the same write up....kid safe, bombproof, one-of-kind, the kind you'll have for a long time, healthy, etc... While making several phone calls to Casey discussing this black gelding, I asked all the right questions and he told me all the right lies. He's very persuasive and very good at telling you what you want to hear. We made arrangement for my family and I to take the long drive (11+ hours) to Porum, Oklahoma to test ride this safe bombproof horse with Casey. During the drive, I had several more phone conversations with Casey Palmer and he assured me all was well with the horse and that he looked forward to meeting us the following morning. Early the following morning, we met up with Casey and his girlfriend, Jodi Bagwell, at a local coffee shop/gas station. Upon meeting up with them, we followed them to their "ranch". Once we got there, Casey pulled a black gelding out of a stall and I immediately knew this was not the same horse that he had e-mailed me pictures and video of...different face markings. Casey tried to pawn this horse off as the same one we had talked about but once he realized we were not going to be convinced of his little scam, he told us that the horse we came to look at was not acting right so he had to put him in another barn he had down the road. We still wanted to see the original black horse we had driven so far to see but Casey made every excuse in the world to not let us see him. To this day I have no idea if that horse even existed or if he had sold him prior to my arrival. All I know is that the horse we came to see was not there and Casey fully knew how long we had to drive to get to his place. Of course he did have several other horses he could sell us that he claimed were much safer than the black horse we had come to see. So as to not totally waste our money on fuel and hotel and two days driving time, he saddled up two horses for my daughter and I to test drive. My daughter, a very experienced competitive rider, mounted the "extremely safe" "fake" black gelding and she didn't get 30 feet from the barn when the horse freaked out and reared up, not a foot or so off the ground, but completely vertical, and fell on his side with her on board, smashing her leg between the horse and the ground. My horse on the other hand continued to buck and crow hop. Needless to say, we gladly left with an empty trailer. When we got home, I e-mailed Casey to inform him of our disappointment and to ask him if the black gelding really existed...I thought he owed us at least that much...and he immediately fired back with a nasty e-mail referring to my entire family as being unAmerican and being affraid of horses and not knowing how to ride or handle a horse. This guy is a real piece of work and must be stopped before some kid gets hurt or killed on one of his horses. And here's another gem. Casey told us a story of how he was shoeing one of his horses when the horse acted up so he pulled a 2 X 6 out of the horses stall and beat the horse over his head with it till he turned it into sawdust. He actually cracked himself up while telling us this story. It did explain, though, why every horse on his property was headshy. You couldn't even pet them on their head through the stall and he had problems getting the headstalls on both horses we rode. Honestly, if you purchase a horse from this man you have a death wish. There are so many horror stories out there about Casey Palmer, Jodi Bagwell and Rockin P Quarter Horses. I have the feeling that he will be changing his ranch name soon because of all the bad write-ups on him lately, so beware. I know he advertises on and and I'm sure there are more. These sites have been warned about him and have been asked to pull all of his advertising. If they do not pull their ads after all the warnings they've been given, I urge you to not use their site to sell or purchase a horse. If they let Casey Palmer advertise with all the information they have on him, they'll let anyone advertise. We must all get together to run this guy out of the horse industry. Good luck horse hunting!

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  • Su
      10th of Jan, 2008

    I disagree with these statements completely, I bought a horse from Casey and Jodi and he is absolutely everything they said he was. I ask everyone to take into consideration that there are always two sides to every story. These statements are not always the truth. Thank You

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  • Ka
      10th of Jan, 2008

    I agree with John. Casey Palmer and Jodi Bagwell are NOT!!!!!!!!!!! to be trusted. They at the Rockin P Quarter Horses ( are very dishonest. I got off the phone on Monday with a person that took 4 horses to him and they are all DEAD yes that is what I said they are ALL DEAD!!!!!!!! and he did not even to bother to call her for 2 days and let her know.

    Do not buy anything from them. Who knows it could even be stolen property. He does not give you a bill of sale with them.

    DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT buy from them.

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  • Mo
      11th of Jan, 2008


    You indicated that you disagree with the statements of this complaint COMPLETELY. Should we assume that you are calling the poster of this complaint a liar? Are you insinuating that the person that posted this complaint was just making all of this up? You may not have had as bad of a transaction as the rest of us - but to say that you disagree "completely" with the facts of this gentleman's experience seems unvalidated and irresponsible.

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  • Vi
      11th of Jul, 2008

    I bought from Casey June 07. Had a few bumps in road on way but final was good. Horse camp underweight and feet were a
    mess but horse was AWESOME. In retrospect have bought another out of Texas and hauled to Oregon where I live and he
    came thin also so think hauling long distances takes it toll and haulers are more responsible for watering/feeding and getting
    them out of trailer so they arrive in better shape.

    Casey and Jody are nice young folks that sometimes I think get ahead of themselves with all the business they accrue.
    I have been taken before by liars but they were not one of them. Not saying your stories didn't happen but just sharing
    that mine was positive. Paperwork is NOT his expertise and I did have to bug Jody to finally get my horse' papers.

    I currently to not own the horse because he was a cutter and decided to change directions some but will say I sold the horse
    he sold me for $2, o00 more then I paid including my $800 haul fee and had two first buyers fighting for this nice gelding.

    So thats my story and am truly sorry for others that werent' so positive. On other hand did buy from a liar in past and
    horse arrived with broken foot. This was NOT Casey or Jodi's horse. A Dream horse ad out of Montana...
    Horse was buted and lame big time. Guy's e-mail and phone was disconnected soon after. Gee whats up with that????
    Always buyer beware... My last purchase out of Texas from AgDirect was another great buy. Little paint that we may
    Never sell.

    Good Luck to all and hope this helps even it out some???

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  • Gf
      29th of Jul, 2008


    Not sure how your story is relevant to this original complaint? Buyer beware? Luckily, these people were smart enough to NOT to buy from Casey and Jodi.

    Even if you say that you liked the horse you purchased, how does that justify the unacceptable behavior of Casey and Jodi that is being expressed by this persons complaint? I think his concern was more about the dishonesty of Casey and Jodi rather than the horse itself (albeit the horse was not honestly advertised either).

    Casey and Jodi not liars? Was Casey not telling a lie each time he talked to this man on the phone and assured them the horse was great (when Casey knew they were on their way to see a horse that apparently didn't exist)? Was he not telling a lie when he pulled out a "fake" imposter horse and tried to pass it off as the original horse that they drove so far to see? What about Jodi? Why did she quietly go along with the little scam too?

    Too many other stories have (and are) being shared between a growing number of us, but many stories haven't even been posted on here just yet (stories worse than those already posted), because the other parties have admittted some fear of possible retaliation for doing so. So, unfortunately, I don't think this "evens it out". But I'm sure that Casey and Jodi are glad YOU think they're nice young folks.

    But we WILL all agree that they sure are nice when they are trying to make a sale. Downright pleasant. Personable. Even fun to talk to, if you will. Believable, for sure.

    You say that you made a profit selling the horse you purchased? Wow, you are lucky indeed. Did you happen to see the other complaints where those people lost thousands of dollars because of their dealings with Casey and Jodi? Just curious.

    By the way, if you really bought a horse with a broken foot on Dreamhorse - you should let them know about it ASAP. THEY will happily ban them from selling again, to save others the same misfortune(unlike who will let anyone continue to advertise, even after numerous complaints).

    Thanks for sharing your story. Happy Trails!!!

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  • El
      6th of Nov, 2008

    I just happen to own one of Casey Palmer's horses and I couldn't have found a better horse! Very, Very pleased with him!! All these nasty complaints, I just can't agree with all of them! I can say one thing for sure, Casey is a VERY EXPERIENCED rider!!! He knows his horses! One thing I'm not sure about is that in your complaint you keep saying " Test Drive " ! What is that all about? Sounds like you went to look at a car instead of a horse! FYI, you don't test drive a horse! After everything that SUPPOSEDLY happened to you, you're still asking about this black horse! Even after you drive all that 11+ hours back home you still call asking about the black horse! What's up with that!
    What is even your complaint, you said you left with an empty trailer! Death Wish, for who? That is just absolutely absurd! Just the way you talk shows how scared of horses you are! You really think all these people are gonna quit advertising on all these websites because of some lame story! I don't think so!!!
    That's like telling people to quit shopping at wal-mart!
    Give me a break! You think that you are gonna ruin Casey, NO WAY! His buisness is much too strong for that!!! HORROR stories, that's a good one!!!
    I think maybe you've been watching too much TV!!!
    By the way, have you noticed how many positive feedbacks Casey has received? It's so comical how you people write a complaint and then post it about five times each trying to make it look like there are so many!!! I know one thing for sure, If I ever need another GREAT HORSE I'll know where to find one!!!


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  • Mo
      7th of Nov, 2008

    To: "Happy Customer"

    LOL! Whatever.

    You know what the last comment sounds like to me? It sounds like Casey (especially with the "cheeleader" toss in of the website name) or some sorry friend, trying to discredit any individuals that have had very REAL bad experiences with him. It sounds desperate and ridiculous.

    The complaints have had to be posted several times, because "someone" (no prizes for guessing who) keeps trying to remove them from the search engines - so people cannot hear or read about the truth of these actual incidents! Then again, you say that Casey has SO many loyal customers that none of this will affect his business. So what are you getting so riled up about? You even stated yourself, that this can't and won't affect his business, right?

    If Casey has legitimate sides to offer, then he should do so. What, exactly, is there to argue? These are actual experiences of actual people! If you think that Casey sells great horses, then bully, throw a parade for him! But trying to "attack" the people that had these awful experiences with him, only makes him look even worse. We're embarrassed for you.

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  • El
      8th of Nov, 2008

    Cheeleader, what is that? Oh, did you mean CHEERLEADER? How funny!

    Desperate! As we can, obviously see, you are VERY desperate! So CONTRADICTABLE!!! No explanation needed for that one!

    I am an ACTUAL person with an ACTUAL experience as well !!! Just happens to be a VERY GOOD experience!!! But as we can all see, YOU don't like to hear about those!

    From all the people with such GREAT experiences, we are so embarrassed for YOU!!!

    Oh, PLEASE get some rest! I know you have to be very tired by now!!!

    Just playing my part as a cheerleader, or as YOU say,

    -1 Votes
  • Wa
      9th of Nov, 2008

    Come on Karma, why won't you email me back? As YOU said, check your spam!!! You wanna know why the, so called, emails are going to spam???? Because spam is considered JUNK MAIL!!! That is what all this B.S. is, JUNK!!! LMAO!!!

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  • Wa
      9th of Nov, 2008

    By the way, I just wanna let everyone know what these two women are!!! VULTURES!!!


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  • Ka
      11th of Nov, 2008

    Furious Mother,

    Email you back ? what email? when did I ever say SPAM? What are you talking about? Why are we vultures? We are just letting people know about problems with someone how does that make us vultures. Who are you anyway?

    You want to talk to me do send me an email I will answer it. All of my mail from this site goes to my regular box it is not caught in a junk mail filter. just hit the button by my complaint that says "send Email" I know that may be a hard concept for you to actually read! but do give it a try. If you are going to quote someone you do need to make sure that they have actually said it. That is what a quote is!

    And why dont you actually sign with your name? Are you trying to hide who you are?

    +1 Votes
  • Wa
      11th of Nov, 2008

    I did send you an email! There were no responses back!
    So, I will be sure and try to figure out how to actually do that, since I have such a hard time understanding things! I'm so glad you informed me on what a quote is!
    You have made so many complaints and used so many different names that it is almost impossible to keep up with! So, why all the name changes? Are you trying to hide who you are!! As you can see, I only go by one name!!!
    You're right, if you're going to quote something make sure that it has actually been done or said!! You need to take some of your own advise and get your stories straight!

    -1 Votes
  • Mo
      11th of Nov, 2008

    Karma, Just an FYI, "Furious Mother", "Screechowl" and "Happy Customer" are ALL the same person. They are written by the mother of Casey Palmer. She admitted as much it in her comments.

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  • Le
      28th of Jan, 2009

    Bought a horse from Casey in o7...took 3 weeks to get him delivered...he was not the same horse I rode on when I bought him. He was find that day...when he got to my house, he was jumpy, had short stride (vet xrays revealed severe arthritis in hocks), he is laminitic on grain and grass, has colic issues, and is extremely head shy. He must have been on calming paste and bute the day I looked at him. I have had hell to pay trying to get this horse to a useful condition.
    Mr. Palmer probably has a few good horses go through his place and the people who get them might be happy...but that is just a happy accident. Mr. Palmer will use any trick of the trade to make a dollar on a horse. He makes horse traders cringe...I have talked to a few around here and they all know who he is...some of the less scrupulous ones use him to get rid of horse they no longer want...he is the horse traders horse trader!
    It is one thing to take advantage of another horse trader, but Mr. Palmer intentionally targets folks who don't have much experience, who need a gentle well broke horse, and who are likely to depend on his recommendations. If he were scamming just money, it would be bad enough, but he is really putting folks, especially children, in danger with his misrepsentations and outright lies.

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  • Ne
      5th of Jan, 2011

    I just want to start by saying 1st that everyone has the right to complain about wrongdoings, no matter what they might be and 2nd I believe that everyone nomatter what they think or feel has done wrong by someone.
    I personally have bought 2 horses from casey, actually 1 head horse and 1 pony for my 3yr old son. Both were not in the best of shape when arived but with a little work both are the best I could have ever asked for.
    Enough with the trash talk. Especially when you lower your self to disrespecting caseys mother. That's a little childish and should be taken up personally, not posted on the internet. I'm not saying that your complaints are not valid, but seriously, why lower yourself to that point. You must have more self respect than that.

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  • Us
      10th of Jan, 2011

    susie, this guy and his family put alot of expense and time for this trip to see a horse that wasnt there anymore. his experience was bad with the animals he did try out. i am sure disappointment is an understatement. He talked to the horse owner on the way there, and he didnt tell him that the horse he wanted wasnt there anymore. i feel for this man and his family. i wouldnt want to go through that.

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