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Rock Solid Kitchen / Wrong kitchen, missing parts & no delivery

1 GROBY St., Hathershaw. Oldham OL8 2AEOldham, England, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 0871 2000 410, 0161 633 3388

Before I start to tell you my big issue with Rock Solid Kitchen, please I just want to warn the good and honest people who are considering to use Rock Solid kitchen to buy their kitchen from, please think twice and read all the info and complains about this company, also and don't get influenced by their nice website and it's empty promises -from prices to delivery - all are not true and their products are not better than than Wicks or BBQ (actually these companies products are much better).

I have contacted Rock Solid to buy a kitchen for my flat, ad on 1st.March.2008 they send me there designer and fitter, which he design, draw & price the kitchen to me (discover later he didn't list all the until & miss price some units & also was mistakes in drawing), The price was £1321.00 I agreed on the price and paid the £200 check to the designer. Through all this procedures the fitter -with his talk - convince me or maybe to say lured that he can fix the kitchen for me plus do the tileing, plastering, etc as he has his team to do so (at an extra cost of course) which in the end he took my money with un finished job and no where to find him. And Rock Solid Kichen did nothing to help and even to investigate, I have reported this fitter/trademan to the Consumer direct. but again that still not my issue.

I received my kitchen at the end of April... discover after appointed another fitter (as i have explain Rock Solid Kitchen man has disappeared)... that there are about:

4 x 300mm cupboard doors
6 x Drawer fronts.
1 x 435 mmx100mm rear end of drawers
3 x 500mm wall unit + Doors ( Glass )
1 x 600mm wall unit + Door
1 x 1000mm Wall unit + Door
L Brackets ( All of them )
Wall hanging plates ( All of them )
8 x leg

And at the top of all these missing parts IT WASN'T THE STYLE THAT I HAVE ORDERED. The one i have oredered was White Gloss Shaker, and the one i have received was plain, mat white kitchen looks like white plaster board, addition to my above list need to change all existing doors to the Shaker style.
I was advised to e-mail Rock Solid with all the missing parts (as they don't solve any issue over the phone) and that was on 21.May.2008... for more that 2 weeks of waiting and as nobody has called or answered, I decided to call and the girl who is dealing with my issue told me that the rest of the kitchen been oredered and should be ready within a week.

But a shocking issue appeared, there was an addition money to pay, i was fuming and i have tried to explain that wasn't my fault, and i agreed to go ahead with them on the quoted price, but no avail they refusing to listen (I forget to mention YOU WILL NEVER FIND More WORSE, RUDE, ILL MANNERED Customer Services people ( well all girls as they always answered the phone), in the whole country like these who work in Rock Solid Kitchen. (They are on [protected], also [protected]).

From that date and until this moments and day of 11.July .2008 NO kitchen No delivery and No calls... They gave me 4 delivered days and nobody shows ( each time i have a fitter to be present to check the kitchen and the until (and that what Rock Solid Kitchen always advice )... Each time the excuse was: No driver, your kitchen is not ready, shortage of drives, no delivery to your area -London W9)... etc.

Plus as I have mentioned to you, the Customer Service are the worse people that u can't ever meet. They are rude, have no manners, they shout and they don't let you talk as they are the customers and if they you don't listen they hang up on you YES believe me and plus have no clues whats going on, very unprofessional... and after all the happened to me from losing money, time, flat empty for 5 months and they wants me to be calm and patient and to listen to them as ;they wants to help... Plus there is no Head Office to call or complain and they refuse to give you any contact details of any of the managers -against the law- so it seems either there are no managers or these managers are their homes.

I have enough so I contacted Oldham Council -where company located - and as soon as I gave them the name of the company, they told me that Slandered trade are dealing with -these people are in charges to deal with companied who mess around with customers-. They advice me to contact me Council which i did, my council told me what to do, they put through Consumer Direct (that the first step i should take), Consumer Direct advised me what to do and letter should be sent to the company (official one) Which i did so on the 9.July. 2008

By the way today the 11.July i suppose to have the delivery to my flat and SURPRISE SURPRISE when I called Customers Services they told me NO Delivery Today, and as usual they the girl was rude didn't want to listen an was talking while i was explaining, this time i hang you on her.

Contacted back again Consumer Direct and informed them what happened they said: They are going to refer mt papers and case with Slandered Trading, which the last should contact me within 4 -5 working days... Mean while I am going today to Wick to ordered my kitchen (what a loss). Sorry to the people who is reading my lengthy letter, and do apologize if i sounded angry or upset, but this matter has pushed me to the edge.

Have a nice day and please and please there are loads and load of kitchen companied who are more happy to provide with with nice, reasonable prices kitchens, who have a good customer services people to deal with you, reliable delivery services, and a head office to take your complain & listen to you and also very important is the payment because Rock Solid take either cash or Bank Drafts -which there is an additional charges to do so-.

Kind Regards,

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  • Di
      16th of Jul, 2008
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    By the time you're reading this, you will have been ripped off by this trading organisation. Please call Consumer Direct & Oldham Trading Standards immediately. Do not part with any more money. Do not attempt to communicate with RSK. Instad, search for the postcode on the web; have a look on the ASA website & see if the advert you responded to has already been banned as fraudulent. In 2004. And again in 2005, 6 and 7. You might like to search for a Vance Miller on the web, and read all you can find. Then go hire a solicitor.

  • Ka
      27th of Jul, 2008
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    Hi Anita, i read your complaint about rock solid kitchens i was fortunate to go to rock solid and look at the place...on entering the yard( i say yard as it was like a scrap yard we saw rubble everywhere and was hesitant to park the car and leave it there, the yard had dog excrement and rubbish everywhere, the area it was based in was really rough and rock solid was not sign posted anywhere..this was bad we enter the building..on entering inside the floors had not been brushed or washed in decades...we got told the lift was out of order and was told to climb 5 flights of stairs..on entering the stairwell..(it was steep )there was graffiti on the walls which was disgusting..the stairwell again had not seen a brush or mop in decades and they stank of pure urine, the whole place is filthy and how the public health have passed it has amazed me..we now enter the place where the kitchens are..we walk into a call centre not one person came to help signs saying this way to kitchens...we looked about and entered a door..and saw kitchens...all 5 of them...according to there advert they had more in sales assistant came to help also no prices was put on the units...we decided the place was some sort of we decided to leave...on leaving we needed the toilets...there was urine everywhere..again the place is filthy no toilet roll no soap no nothing...the sinks again hadnt been cleansed in decades n toilet seats was missing plus doors...we now leave the building shocked at what we saw...the vans that deliver the furniture look like they will not pass there exsample one van had no lights on..we was again free to roam the yard ...the units are kept outside...worktops and everything..i also point out not one person approached us for walking round the scrap yard...the place needs closing down and it looks like it has been set up to steal peoples hard earned cash...Oldham council and trading standards should shut the place down as im sure rock solid kitchens have scammed hundreds of people like this. i only visited the place yesterday 27th july 2008

  • Pa
      1st of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    hi i bought a kitchen from rock solid kitchens unfortuntely didnt come across a web site with loads of complaints as i certainly wouldnt of bothered anyway the rep quoted £1600 and said he wanted £200 cash to seal the deal so we agreed then after he went we looked at the invoice and it said customer wants fitting quote so we decided to cancel and sent recorded delivery letter to cancel so there customer services rang asking why we wanted to cancel i said because of no one to fit kitchen he replied we can get a fitter for additional £900 so again we agreed so kitchen arrived paid the balance in full and was told fitter would be at mine within 2hrs same day but didnt arrive so we telephoned customer services who said we had cancelled what was lies . so fitter came out next mornin to fit our new kitchen then the problems began from the start the rep who measured up had all measurments wrong so all the kitchen had to be cut down to fit so the kitchen is a disaster zone the old kitchen we had in was better than the so called kitchen we have got now the fitter who installed it wasnt even a kitchen fitter as they recommended him he was a joke i have cherry doors with ash carcases which dont go wall cupboards held up with two screws floor cupboards to high than they should be a wall cupboard with brackets underneath to keep it on the wall again with two screws worktop joined with a ugly black metal strip and i have one cupboard under my called customer services and there premium rate number keeping you on hold all time and they are a bunch of ###s you try to explain the problems but they dont wana know they dont even try to sort the problems out so i have been intouch with trading standards and bbc watchdog to try and get this sorted as customer services have had there chance to sort the problems its just been a total nightmare i will say about RSK they are not so solid as they say bits of cut off woods with screws making the carcases. i bet mr miller hasnt got a kitchen like this nothing but the best for him taking good peoples money PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM ROCK BOTTOM KITCHENS pay the bit extra and get a decent kitchen and for the good comments how long have you worked for them . BEWARE !! YOU WILL HAVE TROUBLE FROM THE START YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!

  • Ka
      28th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Was just about to go for a job interview there...saved by the bell

  • St
      13th of Oct, 2008
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    we bought a so called kitchen from rock solid(rock rubish) my fitter is still trying to fit this all cabinets were wrong 2 broken 1a corner unit we have had to go out to buy more parts screw, s and draw lineing as there were no sides for them (oh why oh why dindt i do my home work ) dont buy rock rickety rubbish vance miller is a robbing ### who will get his just deserts he should have stayed in china .cath you are so right all so youyou cant talk to customer service only email or fax and it dosnt matter to them that your old kitchen is on some rubbish dump and you have no cooking or washing vasilitys so watch out dont by go to a valid firm 7 long days of torment stella

  • Mr
      23rd of Oct, 2008
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    Just found this wish I had found it a month ago. I ordered kitchen and was promised delivery on 28th September 2008. No delivery, phoned up and they said "DELIVERY VAN BROKE DOWN. WE ARE SORTING IT OUT JUST NOW" but your kitchen will be with you. We are sending another van to pick up the kitchens and deliver them.
    No kitchen. Phone up next day, yes they are on their way with your kitchen. Wait four hours, phone again and we are told driver is transferring kitchens as we speak and will call within half hour to give us delivery time. Wait an hour and a half.. Phone back.
    Sorry, can't contact dri ver. Will text him and tell him to phone you. Phone again after another three hours. Sorry it will be tomorrow before we can deliver your kitchen. The new driver brought your kitchen back to the depot.
    Now when the van broke down it was supposedly the other side of Glasgow. About 45 mins away from me. So the driver picks it up and takes it back to England.
    Finally thursday evening we receive delivery. The poor driver was not to blame, in fact he told me the driver had broken down and had been left with his van for two days with no money etc and he had to stay with the van.
    Anyway my husband helped the driver unload the stuff. First thing he noticed was no cornice or pelmet.
    The driver phones with his direct line number and tells his boss. The boss talks to my husband and tells him they will post them to us and we should get them in couple of days.
    The driver then discovers that there are four wall end panels missing and the driver calls his boss back.
    He speaks to my husband and tells him that it will have to come on the van the following monday and if there is anything else missing to contact them and they will send whatever else we need. All fine i suppose so far.
    So next day husband checks and we have no cornice, no pelmet, four wall end panels missing, four drawer runners missing, no front or back for drawers, and eight handles missing.
    I have phoned been told need to fax or email or post. Have done all of these things countless times since then and had no joy at all.
    I am so angry at myself. I wish i had read this first. Now where the f... am i supposed to get the drawer fronts to match the rest of the kitchen. I can change the handles buy new cornice and pelmet even manage without the wall end panels but where oh where am i supposed to get the drawer fronts to match the kitchen. So now here i am sitting here fed up and very very angry. My husband of course keeps going on at me as I was the one that bought it. I am disabled and bought it with money left to me by my uncle who worked very hard for it in the first place and now I just feel so very very stupid and angry at myself and keep finding myself crying about the whole damn thing. Wish I had read this first.

  • Ja
      12th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Why is this man getting away with treating people like this. I purchased a kitchen fron them in june 08 for my brothers new house, the sales man came full of chat. Measured the area where the new kitchen would go at the time we were very impressed, we gave him 300 euro deposit the rest to be paind on delivery, it took 2 months to arrive we checked it and it seemed fine. When our own fitter came it was a different matter 4 doors, most of the fittings for the presses were missing, half the handles were missing, etc i rang them straight away my god how rude they were to me. They told me to fax what was missing i did the next day and the next for 11 days i faxed and rang. I was laughed at hung up on and told at one stage i didnt even have an account with them. I even went to the bother of sending a courier from manchester to collect the missing items, I had before this rang, emailed and faxed to say i was sending him they told me the items would be waiting for him when he got there they told him to go away. They wouldnt give him any of the items. I was at my wits end. In the mean time I found out that B and Q had the same kitchen as ours so we purchased the rest of it there.

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