Rochester, NY. Dewey AveManagement

My daughter has worked at this Taco Bell, and is one of the original employees left. She was fired on April 7 th, by a manager that she knew did not care for her for a while. His name is Ed. and her has made quite a few comments to her since her employment with him. Example... Are you ADHD... work faster...I so encouraged her to talk to a HR rep. she said it would do no good... this went on for several months... It truly upset her when ED let her go... she did make a mistake with a comment that a customer over heard wanting her Fired... This customer had Ed s cell phone number...I just don't get it... I work for the number one employer in Rochester NY ( University of Rochester. ) when employees make a error they get written up. but not fired, , , , She got fired for harassment this on my Policy and procedure manual is intended to cause or which could reasonably be expected to cause and individual or group feel intimidated. Funny on Sunday after all of this the person that made the complaint to Ed... was in the drive thru when my daughter was in front of him, and paid for her food... Not right... Personally I think you employees should evaluate management... This Ed so is not customer friendly... So much for team work with the staff... When this Taco Bell opened in Dewey ave...My husband and I were at the opening day... We Were so proud of of daughter...She was happy... How do you expect to build moral with these young kids... Stop being negative... Give them positive... You so should evaluate your managers...By the staff... I so should have said something when he asked her if she was ADHD, , , and Yes she is...But isn't that a form of harassment.

Apr 11, 2016

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