Robyn Olsen / Mango payment options and overall service - what a joke!

1 South Africa

I made a booking for myself and my partner to fly from Durban to O.R. Tambo this coming Monday (22 August) I paid for the flights using the FNB Cell Pay Point.

On not having received any booking confirmation I phoned the Mango call centre and they informed me that the payment had not yet been processed - I understood, these things sometimes do take time.

On Saturday afternoon I had still not received a booking confirmation, I phoned the call centre again and was met with an unhelpful and unfriendly attitude.

They informed that due to the fact that the payment was not processed my booking had been cancelled and I would have to send a proof of payment. I told them that I had an sms notification from FNB (they do not send a proof of payment for cell phone banking transactions) but this was not good enough.

I then spent close to an hour on the phone with FNB. FNB informed me that the transaction had gone through but they could not send me a proof of payment, it is only MANGO that can view the payment and confirm it as successful! (I have a reference number for this call)

How can the staff at Mango Airlines not know this? There are no supervisors available to speak to, I was informed that a supervisor would be in at 7 am this morning, (Sunday 21 Aug) I phoned and was told no at 8 am. I phoned again; now a supervisor will only be available at 12pm?

I urgently need to be in Johannesburg tomorrow morning.

I should have known better; this is not the first time I have dealt with their slack service.

I do not recommend Mango; I will not be using their services again. They are incompetent, unorganised and unhelpful. Kulula is far better!

Aug 21, 2016

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