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Robert Morris University / racial discrimination harassment

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I am African American male student, and I graduated in 2013. I agree with the other students' comments on that instructors write lower grades to African American students than they do to white ones. To balance this, I have observed that over 80% of the African American students are abusive toward the white ones. In addition to all this racial tension, I have been told that some security guards seek sexual favors by female students. If female students are not willing to do any sexual favors to some security guards, the security guards are finding the internet webpages of the female students and are harassing them. I also agree that students do 99% of the work, and more than 80% of the instructors have not even read the textbook or don't know what it is about

Jun 15, 2013
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      28th of Aug, 2013
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    Robert Morris University cares only about getting students' money and don't care about students' careers. there is lots of corruption at this school, and they harass students to do their internship at Robert Morris University. However, the internship at Robert Morris consists of writing a research. RMU also cares more about keeping positive relationship with companies than impacting students' careers in a positive way. I found an internship at a Hospital and filled the internship application about practicum. However, later on I understood by one of the people working for the given hospital that RMU representative has spoke with them to give me to do a research instead of having a hands- on experience. I found this to be very disturbing because I believe that RMU should not stand on students' way to achieve their goals. They not only do to this to those students who do not want to do their practicum with them, but they do it to everybody. It is like they own you of you are their student. Also, if you work at Robert Morris University, even if you are a student employee working some office jobs, you are required to do your internship at Robert Morris University and not anywhere else.

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      11th of Nov, 2013
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    I agree. These comments are true. Also warn your friends and family about visiting RMU downtown Campus. Recently a girl who is a student at RMU was victim of the RMU security staff. Her family was abused and arrested by two RMU security officers who accused the student’s family of trespassing.

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      19th of Dec, 2013
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    I believe that RMU securities are capable of abusing and arresting people without any reason. I am a student at RMU downtown Campus and was a victim of abuse by the RMU security during the summer break when I used the library. Their philosophy is that if you take a semester off, this means that you are not their student and are not connected with them, no matter if you work for RMU or are a student. Therefore, their philosophy is that students can not use the campus in any way when they take the semester off.

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      24th of Dec, 2013
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    In general, trespassing means going into someone else's premises without any permission. However, it seems that this girl and the girls' family have been used as a scapegoat of the unsophisticated actions and lack of knowledge of RMU security officers. RMU is a public institution. For this reason, it is the security's job to have outside people signup and write where they are going before people try to go somewhere at the school. Consequently, this girl's family can bring a lawsuit against Robert Morris University for using them as a scapegoat and for RMU staff to fail to follow the Illinois policies. Just keep in mind that RMU staff and administration bluff a lot and lie in order to protect themselves. This means that they go around the truth and turn the story 360 degrees around in order to put the blame on other people for what happens. RMU can bluff as much as they can about their stupid policies because they can change them for their own benefit depending on the situation, but they can not bluff about Illinois rules.
    Also, this girl's family needs to look at the possibilities whether she has previously pissed off RMU security officers, and they are retaliating on her by using the excuse of trespassing.
    Probably most of RMU securities have at most 60 credit hours because this is one of the requirements to become a cop, and probably they have been bullies at school when they were young. That's why they enjoy so much torturing innocent people. The life and past of RMU security officers can be investigated. Why not????? They are doing this to students and instructors. Thanks to RMU security officers, RMU fired so many people for what they are doing with their own personal life since RMU securities tell back to the administration what they find about people. They are paid to do this! For example, one instructor was fired because RMU security officers found that she sells condoms on the internet. RMU has also fired people who have a second job, or they also apply to work in another school. RMU policy is that RMU employees can not have a second job and can not work for another school. They relate their idea to the concepts of rivalry in the higher education industry and competition. If someone works somewhere else, RMU fires the people.

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