Robert Conklin Plumbing / taxes, hr. wages,firing, 1099

1 329 Tidwell Rd., Bonaire, GA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 478-808-5453

employer was taking taxes from my pay for taxes pursuant torequired laws and w4, since 2003, during the first part of 2009, taxes were taken, he sometime during the same year he stopped without my knowledge and said he 1099ed me, I am and always been an employee, not subcontractor, he refues to give w-2 for what taxes were paid or a 1099, he has failed to keep record to employees pay and overtime, he dropped my hourly pay for no reason, he refuses to pay overtime required by law.
On 2-1-2010, he called me and asked if I had spoken to a lawyer, I said yes, he told me not to talk about his business and then said to bring him the shop key, get my tools and check, I assume he fired me because of legal address.
Mr. Conklin has clearly disregarded my rights

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