Robert B Gabriel / scamm

1 Houston, TX, United States

I was contact by a man called Robert B. Gabriel on 7/5/2011 on my facebook page. we sent message on there then he request for my email address and yahoo megganager. he uses [protected] We talked for a while he informed me that he was on his way to Malysisa to sign some papers for some money that was do to he dad.that had passed away the total amout was 1.5million.. that he would be gone a whole week. that he would be traveling with him little girl of 3yr.. his wife had been killed in a MVA and was the reason that he had the child. that his mother still lived in paris france. for that is where he is from... and that his was his mother still live in Paris France for that is where he is from.. just before the week was up I get a call from his say that his daughter had fallen down a some stair and that he need 1150.00 for the medical bill. that when i became suspicious. I told him to give the name and number of the hospital I would contact them and make arrangement for the bill but of course he refused to do..that he had to pay it in went on for several days.. come now if you are there for 1.5mill dllrs. thank god i never sent any money .. these guy will only get in touch with you around 1230 and 1am for there is a time difference between the USA and malysisa. he will tell you that he loves you from the very start.. he wont give you his phone number..he will send pictures of himself on a harley if look closely at the the year will be removed. I will contacting the FBI

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