Roark Travel Club / Be warned, Beware and Be Prepared to sell your soul

Let me start off by saying that our vacation to Branson was wonderful. We went to Branson on October 8th 2012 and returned October 12th. We had a GREAT time, until we walked into WalMart and were offered "free" tickets to the Shanghai Circus. Blah blah blah, basically we gave them 90 bucks and promised to attend a seminar the next day. This is were the "pissed" enters the equation. We arrived at this "travel club" and were told that we would be attending a seminar. The man who showed us to a small backroom was nice enough.. At first. He asked us a whole bunch of questions and seemed to really eager to "help us out"... He mentioned some vacation sites that we were interested in. He mentioned the cruise we wanted to take to Alaska. Then. He started in with the prices and how we had to, had to, had to, sign up and put the down payment so we wouldnt miss our chance to vacation like we wanted to. We basically stated, up front, that we (and by we I mean my mother and I) would not be buying, signing up, or joining anything. Period. We spent about 20 minutes going round and round. And then the "big man" came in. This is where I get a little angry. He was the owner. He was rich. And he basically demeaned us and made us feel like he was God and was offering us this benevolent gift of travel and we were the lowest sinners by not taking him up on his offer. I believe he responded at one point by saying, "You dont have money to put down? You are on vacation, in Branson, and youre broke??" Excuse me while I set fire to your head in my mind sir for being so rude. He then asked how we booked our vacation to Branson. I told him I got a vacation package off and that I didnt have to attend any scams.. Oh, I mean seminars. He basically called me a liar and said I would not have been able to get a discount without a meeting or seminar. Sir, welcome to 2012. Its called the "internet". To cut to the chase, he said we were wasting our time and his and that we could claim our "gift". By gift, he meant he would be gracious to give me back 70 bucks and see us to the door. Hold up grandpa!! I paid 90 and I am not leaving here without ALL the money I gave you. He then went on to say that the full amount would only be given if we attended the seminar. Ok, lead the way! Im not buying anything from you but I will sit through it to get my money back. He said, No ma'am we would be wasting our time if you sat through it. I said, I signed a paper saying I would receive my FULL refund by attending that seminar. Its not up to you to say that I am wasting my time as a way to withhold money that rightfully belongs to me. He must have understood that this lady would not be leaving the building without the 90 bucks in my hot little hand. We then proceeded to do the "walk of shame". Icecicles and the flames of hell alternated behind our backs as we were "escorted" to the lady at the payout center. She so graciously tried to con us into watching another show, free of course, with the promise of coming back. Um, no thanks. Id rather have all my eyebrows ripped off at once.. After said money was safely in my hand again, we ran to the car, sped out of the parking lot and breathed a sigh of relief as we didnt see our names shamefully displayed for all of Branson to see. I didnt put money down, I didnt sign a contract, and I sure enough did not promise to return. Ever. Please stay away from this place! If someone tells you that you can watch a show for "free", run-dont walk. It wasnt until after we returned that I found these postings. The tickets are not worth the free headache awaiting you or the costly mistake you might be pressured into making by buying into a club that basically rips you off and reams you up the back side. Ive read the responses on the BBB website. If you sign a contract with them, you are theirs for the rest of your life. They WILL NOT CANCEL YOUR CONTRACT. EVER!!! Save yourself the trouble, headaches and heartburn. Book your own on Expedia, Travelocity and the other countless discount booking websites that dont make you sign in blood and sell your soul. On a side note, we went to the "inspiration tower" where we signed up for a vacation getaway. Guess whos card was drawn? This girl. Guess what wasnt free? The vacation package. Guess who wont stop calling my cell phone? The people who own the tower. Guess who will never be snookered into free tickets again? You guessed it. This whole crock pot establishment is tied to the Shephered of the Hills and Roark Travel Club. The same rude guy who berated us poor peasants is apparently the same one who owns the tower. Read this people. You have been warned. STAY AWAY!!!

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