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Roadrunner Internet / Time Warner / bad customer service/intermitent Internet conenction

1 704-625 Bangham LaneSusanville, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 530-310-1015

I have been having trouble with my internet connection for a few months now. At first I thought it was the weather and dealt with it, but for the last week or so ( the snow is all gone) I have still been having problems and they are getting worse. At first I was told it was my router, so I went and bought a new one, but the problems still exist. After many days and phone calls, the techs have all be very nice, with the exception of today's tech, I finally tell them to come and give me a new modem. They did, it worked fine that evening but this morning I again have connection issues. (Each time in the previous issues I have unhooked my router to get a connection to no avail.) The tech starts telling me that I need to understand my equipment and that it is my router that is causing the issue. I told her that it can't be because it does the same thing even if I unhook the router and that a friend down the street who does not have a router is having the same issues, she said that is is my router and I just don't understand about these things that the router will pick up a signal from my vcr and that is why the connection fails. We argued back and forth a while and she said I need to unplug the router and she will test the connection I told her I was tired of testing the connection, I don't know anyone else that has a problem with their internet because of their router who has a different service provider. I told her I would rather find a provider who would resolve the issue and she hung up on me. I really don't want to find another provider, but this is ridiculous! Something needs to be done, I am obviously not the only person in the area having this problem. I want to talk to my local agency but I can't, the local number routs me to the tech line. It's much better to be able to call your local office then some people who knows how far away that consider you just one more person they have to deal with. I am just at the end of my rope and would like a definitive answer because I get a different one with each tech I speak with.

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  • Lo
      5th of Apr, 2008
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    I am in El Paso, TX, I started with Roadrunner in Aug. 2007. Since that time my connection speed has been slow, 978 mbs, or slower all of the time. The speed is supposed to be 1500 mbs. I have yet to find a speed connection test that ever got any higher. I imagine that if I signed up for Turbo I just might get 1500 mbs. I can't possibly see them living up to 10000 mbs.
    Prior to using Roadrunner I had been a DSL user but I have gone over to using my cellphone exclusively, and do not have a land line. The speeds of DSL were at least 50% better but Roadrunner continues to state that they are much faster than DSL; HOGWASH!

    Time Warner is abusing it's customers, knowingly, and yet fails to take any action to live up to their claims.

    If there was another means of getting a high speed connection I would surely go over to it but the ISP corporations have put a lock on the cities they operate in and the cities do not want to jeopardize their income from these glutenous, idiot giants.
    I find it disgusting they way politicians, and corporations speak so much of values yet continue to abuse the people they serve. Their only value is to grab as much as they can, and the people be damned.

  • Ze
      2nd of May, 2011
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    i am an insight customer that is using roadrunner .I agree that the connection is lousey .I am a gammer and they tell me there is a problem with the server .Hmm seems i did not have a problem with wow and had a slower speed with them .Funny part is 2 oyher guys that play the same game have road runner me in ohio they are in kentucky new york and one in florida . @ players have roadrunner we can not stay on the game when we open a server together for very long .Hmm strange isint it .So they make one exscuse after anouyher I am going to contact the attorney general office to give in more detail of what they have giving me the run around about .

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