Roadlink / Booked wrong ticket and pathetic service

1 United States

Yesterday evening i bought a tickect from Durban to Midrand, my luck i was told i am lucky as it was the last seat available, on the 20:00 bus, the following was at 20:30. happy, the sooner i get to my place, the sooner so i'll rest as i was to report for duty this morning. To my suprise the bus does not go further than Park station, the driver who they refused to give me his name, some white man, he was impatient with us, told us there is nothing he can do, we need to get off his bus as he was heading to depot and if we still wanted to continue with our journey we were expected to pay extra R80. I mean 6people couldn't have made the same mistake to board on the incorrect bus or bought wrong tickect, when we specifically told the consultant our destinations. Then he left us like that, at 03:00 am up until 20:30 bus from Durban arrived at 04:00n we boarded that bus again there was a problem with the coach we had to wait till it was 05:30 when we left Park station. My experience with SAROADLINK has never been satisfactory but after seeing that ad on TV about their promise to provide good service, i gave them benefit of the doubt, but its clear they just don't care!

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