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I just noticed a charge from RN Superpass from Real on my credit card statement. I called the credit card company to see if they could provide additional information on the charge. They couldn't and the agent suggested that I search the web for contact information. I then noticed the 866 number on my statement. I was unable to get information initially. After further investigation and looking at the website I remembered subscribing to a website to download songs onto my IPOD months ago. After signing up I found numerous complaints on line and thought I had been scammed. For a one time fee of $50 dollars I was supposed to have unlimited access to music and movie downloads. I think this company received so many complaints they're attempting to rectify the situation by connecting with Real Player. There are still some problems as I will be charged $14.99 a month to use the Real Player Superpass until I cancel. If you put the words RN Superpass from Real into your search engine you will be directed to a page where you can cancel your subscription. There is also a telephone number and access to your account number, which is needed if you cancel by phone.
For those of you who don't remember subscribing to a similar program for unlimited music and movie downloads several months ago, I suggest that you hurry up and cancel so that you're not charged for a service you're not using.

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  • Rh
      Jul 23, 2007
    Realon RN - Debit card auto payments
    United States

    I have continued to receive autopayment of $15.23 from my checking Debit Card for REALONE RN. I do not know how this company got my Debit Card number and I have not subscribed to any service from this company. What is REALONE RN and what is the service related to this company.

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  • Pa
      Feb 12, 2010
    RN Superpass From Real - Unauthorized Billing
    Real Player
    Las Vegas
    United States

    This unauthorized billing by RN Superpass (Real Player) is widespread. Like other complainants, I signed up for a one time premium membership for Real Player. I discovered an unauthorized charge in February, 2017. Reported it to fraud department who informed me my account has been charged every 3 months for at least the last year. A lesson to be learned. Dont take your statements lightly as these charges can sneak by you. This is outright fraud by a once trusted company. I hope everyone who sees this and has used Real Player, Rhapsody and other connected sites will check their billings. If wrongfully charged, file oral and written complaints. DO NOT LET THIS PASS.

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