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RMS Aerospace Inc / Bait and switch fraud

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States

We just transferred our service from Sprint to AT&T this seems like it was going from bad to worse. We purchased 3 phones and a 3K minute plan for our corporate cell phones.

Everything was cool for the 1st day. As a Corporate customer the Activation fees were to be waived that did not happen...then I get a bill with an extra month of service added in.

When confronted with the Non-Disclosure the management condoned the lying to the customer, not disclosing to the client on the phone at the time of order is OK and approved. The

Supervisor tried to twist it around and told me I was told this on the phone, but he was no part of the original discussion and did no take my original order. He also thought he was my ears attached to my brain he told me what I heard.

When we told them we were leaving AT&T they threatened us with early termination fees, basically letting us know they can do anything they want and they intend to extort and strong arm us for the cancellation fee. It's like doing business with the MAFIA.

Absolutely the rudest bunch of incompetent people I have ever done business with not to mention they are arrogant about. I refuse to do business with a firm I have to fight every inch of the way.

We are going to file a complaint with the Attorney General in our state to rectify the situation because AT&T will not do anything to fix the FRAUD.

AT&T is not a reputable company they are just like the Wall Street Thief's.

Lie cheat and steal from the client what a horrible company. We are not staying with AT&T due to the lying, treatment by there company management, and failure to disclose.

We will never agree to pay them any cancellation fees and we certainly will not continue our business with them when they treat the customer like a piece of refuge.

It only took 2 months to piss our company off to where we are not staying and don't want to do business with them they feel they do not have to earn your business you owe it to them, pretty sad.


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