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RJR Contracting / Unauthorized billing

1 United States

In the summer of 2008, we had several storms in the Gladstone/Kansas City area. My roof was damaged and had several roofers come by my house to offer their services. RJR said they would do all the work in one day, and take $600.00 off my deductible if I put a sign in my yard. I agreed and in early October, I received a second party check for 4800.00. I called RJR up and explained I would send that to my mortgage company (other party on check) and it should be ready in 2-3 days. Lance from RJR came over and said that they could handle it all. I called them up four days later to be told it will take 10 business days before they could get the money and order my shingles. I asked why a roofing company who had worked with AAA (my home insurer) several times needed to wait for the check, and did not have any supplies. They never returned those calls. I called them up several times leaving messages and heard 'You are next on our list'. We have one house left before we get to yours', that went on for 6 weeks. Finally on the day before Thanksgiving, (11/26/08) they showed up. The only English speaker left around 10am. The workers who were left had left a huge (5') hole in the tarpaper. The supervisor returned and I showed him the hole. He said he would be back with them the next day (Thanksgiving) and finish it up. I was leaving the area for a family dinner, so I was not at my house after 8am that morning. When I left, the hole was still there. My neighbor saw the workers covering up smaller holes with shingles, rather than fix the tar paper. He called me and I called RJR's owner (Robert). He was 10 minutes away from my house and went there to supervise. He spoke with my neighbor and said he would be back on friday (after Lowes/Home Depot) opens to redo that section of my roof. Next day, nothing happened. They left debris on my lawn/driveway, gutter nails were loose, no drip edge. I left a message on their machine (no one answers [protected]). No return call until 12/2/08 when I left a message saying I needed money back. They said they would be out on 12/3/08 to go over it with me. They did not show. I left a message saying I needed to speak to the owner. Richard (supervisor) called back saying he was coming over on 12/6/08 to do a walkthrough. He never showed, nor did anyone fix the work.


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