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RJM Acquisitions / Phone Harassment

1 NJ, United States

I got my first "statements' (2) from RJM in the mail three years ago, I called them to find out what it was about but they wanted personal info., like my ssn, so I hung up the phone. The accounts are credit cards with Visa and Discover Card, I was concerned that someone was using my name so I called Visa directly.
When I gave them the account number, it took a long time and several representatives for me to find out they were referring to a 15 year old account I was on with my x-husband. He used both accounts for a business he had at the time, it failed and so did he when it came to paying it off.
The Visa rep told me I was under no legal obligation to pay such and old account, since the creditor had written it off long ago. He also advised me that if I paid anything towards this "debt" I then would be legally responsible to pay the entire amount. He said I should just throw the statements in the garbage and forget it.
They kept on sending me their "statements' every 3-4 months for about 2 years.
Then this past April my son called me and said some company rep had just called 'looking' for me and he told them I'd be home later.
Since then they have called my home more and more frequently but, I have caller ID and I never pick up for 800 numbers. Over the past 2 months they have been calling 5-6 times a day including Sat/Sun. They usually start at 8 am and don't stop until just before 9 pm. Also, they never leave a message but, I called the number after hours and heard a recorded message for RJM. This company has many, many 800 numbers.
I'm about to change my phone number and have it unlisted but, i dread the grief that will bring.
I don't have the money to pay this and since I'm not in contact with my x, I don't know if he's getting harassed to, I doubt it I think everything's in his gf's name.
I don't understand how this can be legal.
What can I do to stop this insanity?


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