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RJM Acquisitions Funding LLC / Collect of a debt 19 years ago

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I received this letter 7/14/2008 that RJM just purchased my Marine Midland Account Account # ***Date account opened March 9, 1989 social Sec # *** Balance Due $7, 589.20 and I have the opportunity #1, #2, #3 and unless I dispute the validity of all or part of this debt within 30 day after receipt of this notice They will assume the debt is valid. If I notify them in writing within the 30-day period. They will mail a copy of verification of the debt or the judgment to me and will provide me with the name and address of the original creditor for the debt. And I to check my credit and this is not on my report. As I to this day don't own any credit cards, and never filed for bankruptcy. These Acquisitions Funding LLC company's really need to stop trying to scam US were the consumers of there bull chap.

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  • Jo
      17th of Jul, 2008
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    Throw the letter away and do not contact them. Statue of limitations is four in most states. Credit companies such as equifax can not report negetive credit olderthan seven years old on your report(except for banckruptsy, which is ten years) either way you are far beyond this. This is called a zombie debt collection. One that a company has no legitimate reason or ability to collect. THe rules are that the statue of limitations can be reset if you deal with such a company and agree to the debt. They snag a lot of suckers this way and make tons of money off of people who think it is legit. Sometimes it is from an old debt that was never paid, sometimes it is just a made up debt that you never really owed. So ignore the letters. Trash them. if you see them on equifax or other credit bureau report, call the credit bureau. and have it removed. do not contact the collection agency.

  • Ja
      25th of Jul, 2008
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    I was notified by RJM pertaining to a $2, 866 bill that I did not have. They wouldn't tell me exactly what the date of the charge was, but indicacted that that it was very old.

    They quit calling me because I was not the person they were after.

    Yesterday, we received a notice from IRS stating we owed more taxes and they gave an explanation of why. RJM ACQUISITIONS
    had sent them a 1099Form--Cancellation of Debt of $2, 866. This was considered taxable income and more taxes to be payed.

    I did not owe that figure and have no idea even what it is. I pay my bills! They even had my S.S.# correct---how they got that I don't even know!

    I called IRS and they told me to contact RJM & request a corrected statement. I did not receive a 1099Form because it's all a bunch of Bull!

    What should I do ? All I have been reading is how RJM scams & rips people off. I don't want to pay more taxes. And my credit is good!
    Please help-----Jan

  • Am
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    I received a letter from RJM Acquisitions on July 17th 2008. It was for a Wells Fargo Checking Account that was opened in April of 2004. Immediatley a red flag flew up. Thats odd I thought. I have not had a bank account in almost 7 years! I just never got one. I cash my checks at the bank they come from. So I decided I would call RJM. Of course there was no answer it was too late. So I figured I would call Wells Fargo and after 2 hours and 5 people no one could find any information at all regarding an account of any kind and they said the account number on the statement was 5 digits short...interesting. So I called RJM this morning and let the guy have it. I told him that this was bogus and based on the information they had on the statement there was no way at all that this was a legitimate collection. I am the one who runs my credit report and calls the collections on there and sets up payment plans. Not them. I knew it was absolutley a lie when the gentleman on the phone put me on hold for about 2 minutes and then came back on the line and said "My superior said that we are just going to satisfy this debt"...if it was real it would not have been that easy. I requested all documentation to be sent to the address on the statement and I also asked for business verification and all statements from the "Wells Fargo account" I knwo they have them you have to for tax purposes. I also wrote a letter to these people at RJM you are more than welcome to use it.

    To whom it may concern,
    I recieved this bill in the mail from your company. I have never had a bank account with Wells Fargo Bank. I attempted to contact your office, but my attempts were unsuccessful. I decided the next best option would be to contact the actual bank itself. After two hours and five representatives, Wells Fargo Bank has NO RECORD of any bank account under the account number provided on this invoice. They are unable to find any information with my name, address or social security number. Nor do they have any "account purchased" information. Wells Fargo also informed me that your comapny name is not in their system as an account buyer! Sounds a little twisted to me. Upon further investigation of your company on our helpful world wide web search engine "Google" It looks as if I am not the only person who has recieved bogus information from your company, or has fallen victim to your false collections and bad business practices. I expect complete resolution of this so called "debt". I SO NOT want anyone from your company to contact me at anytime or anyplace. DO NOT send me anymore invoices on any accounts you think you have!!!


  • Ma
      16th of Mar, 2010
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    RJM Acquisitions Funding LLC - ANOTHER bill from them re: Fingerhut
    United States

    i felt funny last year (or was it the year before?) that I received a bill, and actually PAID it. I kept this info - will have to hunt for it - this is really pissing me off.

    can you help?

  • Ro
      16th of Mar, 2010
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    I had the same problem with them. DO NOT PAY THEM ANYTHING. Once you pay them something you are agreeing that the debt is yours and you acknowledge the amount is still outstanding. Just ignore them, they will eventually harrass someone else.

  • Ns
      26th of Apr, 2010
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    Being sued by RJM Acquisitions? I can help win your case.

    RJM Acquisitions is what’s known as a "junk debt buyer"...they purchase very old debts from various lenders for pennies on the dollar. 96% OF THE DEBT THEY PURCHASE CANNOT LEGALLY BE COLLECTED. However, they count on you never fighting your case – giving RJM Acquisitions a default judgment against you. They use scare tactics (serving you with court papers, harassing letters/phone calls) to get you to budge and make some type of payment arrangement. When you do, you waive all your rights, and they can legally collect from you.

    If you were served papers from RJM Acquisitions, YOU HAVE 30 DAYS TO RESPOND - otherwise they will win the case by default and can legally collect the debt from you.

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