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I cancelled my order after I received my free Book. I will send back the second book after I get a prepaid address sticker . Thank you.

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  • Da
      28th of Mar, 2012

    To Greene:
    What do you mean by saying she was “unstable”? It seems that you are not used to being challenged, especially by a female. For 25 years of experience you claim to have, you sound so inexperienced and unprofessional. You were willing to hire her because obviously she had a good resume and video samples. Did you really promise her a check after she finished the editing or are you simply saying so because she submitted a complaint on your company? Before I commented on here, I went to your website to see what kind of work you do. If you hired 7 editors in the past 15 years how come they left your company? You probably had them working for low wages or for free. Your hiring tactics are lame and silly…get with the times!

    To Filmmaker:
    I am so sorry for what happened to you, but I am glad you learned from this and can move on. In the future, do not do anything for “FREE”. Professional business owners offer to pay to their employees all the time, it’s called a “trial period” before they are permanently hired. Greene should be ashamed of himself for making money off of hard-working people. God will take care of this and you will see it. Word gets around and Greene is obviously worried about what is said about his company as he just joined this page…I wonder why?

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