Riviera Fitness CenterDeceptive

My 81 year old mother signed a contract with Riviera. The print was so small, it was impossible to read without a magnifying glass. She was told it could be renewed on a month to month basis. She was not given a copy of the contract. When my Dad got a copy and took it to the bank, someone there was able to magnify the print well enough to read it. It is a 24 month contract. My father repeatedly tried to contact the manager and was always told the manager would call him, but he never called. My father went to Riviera three times before he finally caught a manager. He told the manager my mother had a neurological condition that made her too dizzy to exercise in a gym.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Athens, AL The manager told him to bring in a doctor's excuse. He did that and was told "no problem". Believing the contract to be cancelled, he returned home, but now he is being harassed by Paramount and told he already owes almost $500, although the contract was signed in June (3 months ago) for S$20 a month. The fine print also says that Riviera can renew the contract after 2 years without permission from the customer. My father has complained to the BBB, but that will probably be useless. He is now writing to the attorney general, but it is very difficult to get rid of these scam companies once they get a foothold in your state. The best thing to do is buy yourself a treadmill and stay away from fitness centers.

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