Riverside Service / Stolen lap top

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I had a break down on I95 in Greenwich, CT last week. I called AAA and soon, the tow truck came. The vehicle was towed to Riverside Service in Cos Cob, CT. As I was enroute from Cape Cod to NJ for a funeral, and would have to hop a train to two subway lines through NYC, followed by another train, I decided to only take what I absolutely needed for the weekend. I had to leave my lap top in the car. I just couldn't carry it all.

When I returned to the vehicle two days later, the lap top was gone. Here's the thing: the car was not broken into at all. And, the employees that had towed the car attested that they locked the doors. Also, when I picked up the car, the doors were locked as well. Since there was no sign of forced entry, this tells me that the lap top was stolen when the car was opened - which was only during servicing.

The owner of the business was a *** - instead of helping get information, he became defensive and effectively told me that it was my fault because I left the computer in the car in the first place. Also, since I didn't call the shop the next day to tell them that I had left it in the car, he implied that I don't really care about it, I'm an idiot, and I'm lying about it in the first place.


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